Mulan's official soundtrack was released about half a month before it came out in theaters.


  1. "Honor to Us All" — Beth Fowler, Lea Salonga and Marni Nixon
  2. "Reflection" — Lea Salonga
  3. "I'll Make a Man Out of You" — Donny Osmond and Chorus‡
  4. "A Girl Worth Fighting For" — Harvey Fierstein, James Hong, Jerry Tondo, Lea Salonga and Matthew Wilder
  5. "True to Your Heart" — 98° and Stevie Wonder
  6. "Suite from Mulan"
  7. "Attack at the Wall"
  8. "Mulan's Decision"
  9. "Blossoms"
  10. "The Huns Attack"
  11. "The Burned-Out Village"
  12. "Reflection" (Pop Version) — Christina Aguilera

There is also a Bonus Track, which varies by country. In the U.S. version, the song is "Mulan's Decision (Synthesizer Version Score)". In the Japanese version, it is "Breathe (Special Version)" by Luna Sea.


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