Discord is a relatively new student of the Magic of Friendship. After all, it was not so very long ago that he was the most notorious villain in all of Equestria. So when he receives a secret invitation from Princess Celestia to join the ponies of Ponyville in their Spring Musical, he jumps at the opportunity to practice what he's learned so far. Things go as smoothly as they can first, but it's not long before the former king of chaos leaves a trail of disaster in his wake, and everypony second-guesses including him in their community production. Whats a draconequus to do?


  1. The Open Market
  2. Great Potential!
  3. Home Chaotic Home
  4. The Ponyville Players
  5. Don't Judge an Audition Before It's Over
  6. Role Call
  7. No Small Parts
  8. Instrumental to the Show
  9. Bursting Discord's Bubble
  10. Funny Business
  11. The Pony of Shadows
  12. The Disguise
  13. Discord's Secret Debut
  14. Showstoppers
  15. A Friend to Ponykind

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