The third hour-length Equestria Girls TV special, Spring Breakdown, premiered on Discovery Family on March 30, 2019. It was later uploaded to YouTube in six parts from April 12 to May 17, 2019.


It's Spring Break and the Mane 7 are about to board the most glorious yacht ever for a relaxing cruise. But Rainbow Dash is convinced that Equestrian Magic is on the loose and won't let anyone rest until she finds it! This leads to disaster on the high seas, a trip to Ponyville, and the ultimate discovery that Equestrian Magic related to the Storm King has seeped into their world and is threatening everyone on board the yacht!


Development of Spring Breakdown began on June 19, 2017, when it was originally titled "Spring Break", and was initially six individual shorts, code-numbered "403-085" through "403-090".

As of October 2, 2017, the production numbers were changed to "416-216" through "416-221".

Production concluded on November 6, 2018.


Main characters
01 - Sunset Shimmer (2017).png
Sunset Shimmer
02 - Twilight Sparkle (2017).png
Twilight Sparkle
03 - Pinkie Pie (2017).png
Pinkie Pie
04 - Fluttershy (2017).png
05 - Rainbow Dash (2017).png
Rainbow Dash
06 - Rarity (2017).png
07 - Applejack (2017).png
Other characters
12 - Flash Sentry.png
Flash Sentry
15 - Trixie.png
17 - Derpy.png
20 - Lyra Heartstrings.png
Lyra Heartstrings
Guest characters from Friendship is Magic
01 - Twilight Sparkle.png
Princess Twilight Sparkle
02 - Pinkie Pie.png
Pinkie Pie
07 - Spike.png


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