The final outcomes of each character, location, etc. as of the end of the final episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (The Last Problem).


Mane Six and Spike on the hill at sunset S9E26.png

Name Episode Fate
King Sombra S9E2 Killed by the Mane Six.
Cozy Glow, Tirek,
Queen Chrysalis
S9E25 Turned into a stone statue.
Granny Smith S9E26 Passed away due to old age.
Princess Cadance
Shining Armor
Flurry Heart
S9E26 Although it is unknown what happened to them, it's implied that Flurry Heart has now become the new ruler of the Crystal Empire.
Mr. and Mrs. Cake S9E26 Retired; it is unknown where they live now, but probably in Silver Shoals.
Princess Celestia S9E26 Retired as ruler of Equestria; now lives in Silver Shoals.
Princess Luna S9E26 Retired as co-ruler of Equestria; now lives in Silver Shoals.
Twilight Sparkle S9E26 Becomes the new ruler of Equestria.
Pinkie Pie S9E26 Along with Cheese Sandwich, become the successors of Mr. and Mrs. Cake at Sugarcube Corner.
Rainbow Dash S9E26 Becomes captain of the Wonderbolts, succeeding Spitfire.
Starlight Glimmer S9E26 Remains headmare of the School of Friendship (job inherited in S9E20).
Sunburst S9E26 Remains vice principal of the School of Friendship (job inherited in S9E20).
Trixie S9E26 Remains guidance counselor of the School of Friendship (job inherited in S9E20).
Cutie Mark Crusaders S9E26 Are now teachers at the School of Friendship.
Applejack S9E26 Along with her brother Big Mac and sister-in-law Sugar Belle, now runs Sweet Apple Acres.
Rarity S9E26 Remains in Carousel Boutique, but now also lives with Yona and Sandbar.
Fluttershy S9E26 Moves out of her cottage and now lives in her animal sanctuary with Discord.
Discord S9E26 Still remains Lord of Chaos.
Spike S9E26 Becomes Twilight's royal advisor in Canterlot Castle.
Luster Dawn S9E26 Now lives in Twilight's old castle and becomes a student in the School of Friendship. This does not actually happen in the episode itself.


Wide view of Ponyville many moons later S9E26.png

Location First appearance Original owner(s) Current owner(s)
Golden Oak Library S1E1 Twilight Sparkle N/A; destroyed in S4E26 by Lord Tirek
Sweet Apple Acres S1E1 Granny Smith Applejack, Big McIntosh, Sugar Belle
Carousel Boutique S1E1 Rarity Rarity
Sugarcube Corner S1E3 Mr. and Mrs. Cake Pinkie Pie, Cheese Sandwich
Fluttershy's Cottage S1E7 Fluttershy N/A; possibly abandoned; last seen in S8E18
Ponyville Schoolhouse S1E12 Cheerilee N/A; last seen in S8E12
CMCs' clubhouse S1E18 Cutie Mark Crusaders N/A; likely abandoned; last seen in S9E22
Canterlot Castle S1E26 Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle
Crystal Empire S3E1 Princess Cadance, Shining Armor Flurry Heart
Castle of Friendship S4E26 Twilight Sparkle Starlight Glimmer, School of Friendship staff
School of Friendship S8E1 Twilight Sparkle (headmare) Starlight Glimmer (headmare)


Name Episode Fate
Elements of Harmony S9E1 Destroyed by King Sombra.
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