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There were some unreleased episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that were planned in each season.

NOTE: Please do not make fan fictions out of these episodes!

Season 1

Fancy Meeting You Deer

(Note: From the May 19, 2009 mini-bible.)

There has been a strange figure appearing in the woods that appears from afar to be a mysterious pony with… antlers? Curious and eager for adventure, Rainbow Dash wrangles up some of the girls to investigate, and what they find is a herd of talking, cutie-mark donning forest deer who speak and adorn themselves like the native Americans of the Northeast. They find that the pony is their adoptive son, and a pony who does not know he is not a deer even though his antlers are obviously sticks (his deer family dance around the subject like it's a bad toupee.) Can the ponies convince the deer pony of who he really is and convince him to come back to Fillydelphia with them -- or should they??

Fancy Meeting You Deer was one of the first nine episodes initially planned for the show prior to October 2009. It was first listed as a mid-season episode (#13, to be exact) in the writing schedule on October 13, then it was pushed back three positions on November 9, 2009, later moving up to #14 on November 13, then to #12 on November 16, and then to #13 on November 30.

Dave Polsky wrote the first outline on January 6, 2010. The script was scheduled to be submitted on February 12, 2010, followed by the voice recording on March 22, 2010, and storyboarding on April 5, 2010. However, on January 11, 2010, plans fell behind and the episode was removed from the writing schedule, having been replaced by Feeling Pinkie Keen. It was then reinstated on January 20, 2010 as episode #20, with a new outline written. The script was now re-scheduled to be submitted on March 29, 2010, but sadly, the episode was removed again on January 22, 2010, and was officially canceled.

Bring on the Thunder

(Note: From a revised list of stories dated October 20, 2009.)

Little Scootaloo has a new plan for obtaining her cutie mark and finally learning how to fly, and Rainbow Dash has agreed to help. However, Rainbow had a bit of a brain fart in her planning, for that very day is the day that the Blue Thunders will be in town for a show! Now, Rainbow Dash wants nothing more than to become a Blue Thunder, and this opportunity to impress them is too hard to pass up. Rainbow, being the slightly irresponsible pony that she is, puts her priority on showing off. But every time Rainbow pulls off an impressive maneuver, the Thunders just happen to be looking the other way. In the meantime Scootaloo tries to accomplish her goals on her own -- which is really, really, really bad because Scootaloo is attempting to earn a cutie mark for DARE DEVIL STUNTS!! And of course, just when Rainbow Dash is about to pull of her most spectacular move with the Blue Thunders' undivided attention, little Scootaloo shoots herself out of a poorly constructed canon and flies past Rainbow, yelping for help! In mid-air Rainbow Dash has decide whether to ruin her one chance with the Thunders or save her little friend, who wouldn't need saving if Rainbow had just been responsible. Obviously she saves Scootaloo, but she severely botches her landing and blows it with the Thunders. Still, Rainbow is happier she saved her friend, and is left with an important lesson. Let's just hope she remembers it.

Bring on the Thunder was one of the first nine episodes initially planned for the show prior to October 2009. It was first listed as a mid-season episode (#15, to be exact) in the writing schedule on October 13, then it was pushed back three positions to #18 on November 9, 2009, then down to #21 on November 16.

An outline was due by February 2010, but the episode was canceled on January 20, 2010 upon being replaced by No Talent Show.

Nothing More to Sea/Stormy Weather

(Note: From the May 19, 2009 mini-bible.)

The ponies go on a vacation to the beach only to find that the tide has gone so unusually far out, it has uncovered a portion of the kingdom of the sea ponies! Dried up and languishing in the sun, the once lush, beautiful city of the sea is quickly turning into ruins. Twilight, having just learned some special water magic for the trip, helps her friends enter the ocean where they meet the sea ponies and find that the selfish, monstrous sea serpent, the Kraken, is hording half the water of the sea for his underground home and is taking more and more every hour. Can the ponies team up with the sea ponies to get the ocean back from the Kraken?

Nothing More to Sea was one of the first nine episodes initially planned for the show prior to October 2009. It was first listed as a mid-season episode (#16, to be exact) in the writing schedule on October 13, then it was pushed back three positions to #19 on November 9, 2009, and a week later, by November 16, was entirely canceled and replaced by another planned episode titled "Stormy Weather".

Stormy Weather focused on Rainbow Dash losing her confidence and control of the weather. The episode was listed as #24 on the writing schedule, with a premise due by February 22, 2010. However, the episode was canceled, like Nothing More to Sea, and replaced by Hoo Goes There.

A Date to Dance

Rumor has it that Big Apple (Big McIntosh) has a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala and all of a sudden all five of Applejack's best friends want to ask him to be their date. The idea of her brother and any of her friends going on a date is just too weird for Applejack. She forbids her friends from asking out her brother! When that doesn't work, Applejack is torn in five directions at once trying to physically keep all of them from getting with earshot of Big Apple.

This episode was first planned on November 6, 2009 (it was listed as #14 on the writing schedule as of November 9), but was rejected more than a week later, on November 16.

Label Pains

Spike belches up a panicked message from the Princess. She desperately needs Twilight to takeover a public works project on the outskirts of Canterlot. It seems that the current team of BEAVORCS (half beaver/half ogre) are doing a crappy job constructing a dam on the river that supplies the capitol city with its water supply. Twilight brings Applejack and Rarity as her team. AJ is her engineer -- she has lots of experience planning and building on the farm, and Rarity is there to make sure the design is aesthetically pleasing as it is in view of Celestia's castle. But when they get there, the Beavorcs won't listen to Applejack, Rarity or Twilight. They think anyone who talks like AJ must be dumb and they assume Rarity is a prissy snob. They also don't need a weak ‘egghead' like Twilight telling them how to build practical, real‐world things like dams. After the beavers continually undermine the ponies' efforts due to their ignorance, the dam starts to fall apart and threaten Canterlot. The ponies use their unexpected skills to save the capitol and prove to the Beavorcs that their stereotyping was unfounded. The pig‐headed Beavorcs learn not to pigeonhole others and the ponies learn not to let others' false perception of you keep you from achieving your goals.

Label Pains was first planned on February 24, 2010, and did not move on in production after March 26, 2010.

Season 2

All were written by Lauren Faust and Rob Renzetti.

Smothered Brother/Oh Brother

Big Macintosh is, literally and figuratively, the workhorse of Sweet Apple Acres. He handles all the heavy lifting and never raises a fuss. He's been so docile for so long that his family has started taking advantage of his good nature. Applejack bosses him around with nary a 'please' or 'thank you'. Apple Bloom knows that if she just whines loudly enough, Macintosh will do the smallest, simplest task for her. And no matter what strange, illogical request Granny Smith makes, her grandson is only too happy to oblige without complaint. In fact, no matter how much the others jabber at him he hardly utters a word outside of 'yup' and 'nope.' The women's worst behavior is on display one morning when the clan is gathered for breakfast. While Big Macintosh tries to eat his oats in piece, Applejack is detailing what he'll need to do to complete the large order they just received for a batch of 'Granny Smith's Triple Apple Apple Pie'. Apple Bloom interrupts every few seconds to ask him to get something off a shelf that's well within her reach. And Granny keeps reciting the recipe for her pie over and over and over again. Finally, Big Macintosh tosses down his feedbag and declares that he's 'had enough'. The Apple women are the speechless ones for once as they watch Macintosh stomp out and leave the farm. Applejack is furious at her brother's insubordination and is determined to show him that they can get along fine without him. But things don't go very smoothly when they try to complete the pie order. Applejack is not afraid to get her hooves dirty, but she's been bossing Mac around for so long that her pie making skills are a little rusty. Apple Bloom's initial enthusiasm quickly wanes and she starts to whine, continually asking, “Are we done yet?” Granny's only contribution is too keep forgetting and reinventing the recipe so that any pies they do complete are quickly tossed aside as unacceptable. By the end of the day, they are all wrecks and when Big Macintosh returns, all three throw themselves at his hooves and beg for him to come back. Mac is unsure what they are talking about. He is 'back'. He went to buy an oversized cart in the next County for the pie order and now he's 'back'. When they recall his declaration that he 'had enough' of them, he makes it clear that he meant he had had enough of breakfast and was ready to work. He already had made all the pies and stored them in the cellar so all he needed to do was get a cart to deliver them in, which he'll do first thing tomorrow. As they fuss over him and swear they'll never take advantage of him again, Big Macintosh turns to camera and winks.

This episode was first planned on August 6, 2010, then was rejected five days later, on August 11. It was re-instated as "Oh Brother" on September 20, 2010, then rejected again four days later, on September 24. It was most likely replaced by Family Appreciation Day on September 30.

Jewel Thieves

Rarity, Fluttershy and AJ stop by the library one afternoon to see if Twilight would like to join them for dinner, but they find their friend frantically trying to get out of the house. She’s in the middle of an important research project and she needs to get a critical text from the Canterlot Archives, which closes in less than an hour! Applejack thinks Twi has ‘gone around the barn’. Canterlot is halfway across Equestria! Twilight reveals she has a special way to make the trip – magical Teleportation Jewels given to her by Celestia herself for just such an emergency. The other ponies are excited by the idea of traveling instantaneously to the capitol of Equestria and beg Twilight to let them come along. Twi is in too much of a hurry to waste time arguing. She gestures for them to gather in close and activates the jewel. A moment later they all appear in the middle of Canterlot. Twilight instructs the others to meet in the same spot in an hour’s time and gallops away to the Archives. Rarity leads the others to the Shopping District so she can pay a visit to her favorite Fabric Shop. Applejack and Fluttershy are not too thrilled about this plan but follow behind regardless. Two and a half hours later, the three return to the rendezvous spot. Before Twilight can voice any of her frustration for being made to wait, the others are hugging and nuzzling her in thanks for the wonderful time they’ve had. Of course Rarity found loads of wonderful fabrics but Applejack found twice as many new seed varieties at a wonderful Farmer’s Market she had no idea existed. And Fluttershy has the most rare find of all – a new pet! She found the sweetest little pet shop and adopted a female rabbit named Angelina. She just knows that Angel and her are fated to be together! Twilight takes their thanks grudgingly and activates the jewel to send them home.

The next morning Twilight awakens to find Rarity downstairs, pushing and pulling on the Teleportation Jewel in a futile effort to get back to Canterlot. Seems she gave Spike some sob story about running out of a certain hard to find fabric in the middle of a new dress. Twilight tries to be sympathetic as she explains that each Jewel only has one use in it and she has a limited supply and they are meant for emergencies! But drama queen Rarity is good at making anything sound like an emergency. She’s well on her way to wearing Twilight down when Applejack and Fluttershy show up, also wanting another trip to Canterlot! Seems AJ wants to discuss how best to grow the new seeds she’s purchased with some of the framer ponies she met. And Fluttershy forgot to purchase some new bunny toys for her new bunny. Twilight gives in. (She could use another trip to the Archives anyway.) But insists that this has to be the last time. Her friends all nod in agreement. She gets a new Jewel. And the others catch a peek of where she keeps them.

Things quickly get ‘out of hoof’ after that. Twilight continually finds her friends sneaking into her stash and swiping jewels. Applejack is obsessed with the state of her new crop and every brown leaf is used as an excuse to go consult with the expert farmers of Canterlot. Angel and Angelina’s ‘wedding’ has been more of a success than Fluttershy has bargained for. She’s constantly giving baby bunnies away to the pet store she got their mother from. Rarity stops offering excuses. She just likes going to Canterlot. Twilight tries to act superior but the others know she is using a lot of jewels herself to visit the Archives. But they were given to her so she gets to decide how to use them! The jewel use reaches a frenzied pace with ponies snatching half used jewels out of each other’s hooves. Finally the four friends find themselves stuck in Canterlot without any jewels and without any way home! Just then the Princess spots them. She is in a fowl mood over the behavior of Twilight’s ‘friend’. Twilight is sure she means ‘friends’ and is happy to see the other three get their comeuppance. But Celestia is aggravated with Pinkie Pie! She’s abusing her scroll writing privileges and sending the Princess Twitterlike messages. All. The. Time. Just then another scroll appears from Pinkie‐ “Am eating spaghetti and throwing confetti. Hey that rhymes! LOL!!!” Twilight is thrown off by this turn of events but Applejack steps forward to do the apologizing. ‘Pinkie’ should know better than to take advantage of her friend Twilight by abusing a precious gift like writing scrolls to the Princess. “Or Teleportation Jewels” adds Rarity as Fluttershy nods in agreement. The mention of the jewels makes Celestia scoff. “Those things are a dime a dozen!” She points to the free Teleportation Jewel dispenser right behind them.

This episode was first planned on August 19, 2010, and was rejected on September 9.

Put a Stork in It

A point of pride with Pinkie Pie is her unofficial position in the Sweet Shoppe as Taste Tester. Once a week, she spends the morning trying all of Cup Cake’s experimental creations. Though they both sample everything, its up to Pinkie to decide what gets a spot on the menu and what goes in the garbage. Pinkie loves the sweets and loves the time with Cup Cake, who is like a surrogate Mom. But on one Taste Test Tuesday, Cup Cake is really ‘off her game’. First she combines a bran muffin with peanut butter and pickle. Then she ruins a perfectly good chocolate brownie by dipping it mayonnaise! The strange behavior continues and what’s worse is that Cup Cake is spending less and less time with Pinkie! Carrot Cake explains that Cup Cake has less time for Pinkie because she “has a bun in the oven” but that doesn’t ring true‐‐‐‐ when Pinkie looks in the oven it’s full of soufflés, not buns! Cup Cake continues to blow her off for the strangest reasons but no one else seems to notice anything’s wrong. Instead, they give her a “shower” because she is “with child”. This really frustrates Pinkie Pie. “What child? Apple Bloom? Why is she spending time with Apple Bloom and not me?!” Pinkie tries to be patient, but the final straw is when Carrot Cake tells her that Taste Test Tuesday will have to be suspended for the foreseeable future. Pinkie freaks out! How can Cup Cake abandon her like this? Doesn’t she miss the time they spend together? Carrot Cake tries to explain that somepony in Cup Cake’s condition needs lots of rest and Pinkie should not expect to see much of her until ‘the delivery’. Pinkie seems to calm down, putting her feelings of frustration and abandonment aside, but when the Cakes come down that evening for dinner, Pinkie has run away!

Twilight organizes a search party and they go out to find Pinkie. They’re having no luck finding her in the obvious places so Twilight suggests that they need to ‘think Pink’ and look in unobvious places. The team exhausts themselves looking on top of roofs, under bridges and inside trees. Everypony returns to the Sweet Shop feeling defeated and worried. Just then Pinkie comes in, dragging a horse from the Pony Express behind her. The others are dumbfounded. They’re not sure whether to scold Pinkie for running away, be grateful she’s returned or make her let go of the poor Pony Express guy. Pinkie apologizes for making everypony worry. She just went out to find the deliveryman so she could make him ‘deliver’ whatever he’s got to give to the Cakes and finally spend time with Cup Cake again. For the first time, Carrot Cake puts in plainly to Pinkie: Cup Cake is going to have a baby. Pinkie seems to get it…. Until she starts rummaging in the deliveryman’s satchel looking for a baby. Pinkie was the youngest in her family and she really doesn’t understand how babies get ‘delivered’. Big sisters Rarity and Apple Jack take her aside to explain…

Later on, Pinkie narrates a letter to the Princess as she works busily in the Sweet Shop kitchen. “If you’re friends aren’t spending time with you, find out if they have a good reason before you jump to the conclusion that they don’t like you anymore.” And lucky for Pinkie Pie, the temporary loss of time with Cup Cake means she’ll end up with another new friend! As the letter wraps up, Pinkie delivers a triple‐decker brownie topped with peanut butter, pickle and mayo to Cup Cake’s bedside. As she digs in, Pinkie puts her head by Cup Cake’s belly. “Eat up Baby Cakes!”

This episode was first planned on September 3, 2010, and was rejected just six days later, on September 9. A new version of the episode titled "Baby Cakes" took its place on September 30.

Pip Speak

Fluttershy likes to volunteer at the Ponyville Animal Hospital where she helps nurse injured animals of all stripes and sizes back to health. Pip Squeak, a very shy younger boy pony, likes to help out at the hospital as well and he and Fluttershy have struck up an acquaintance over their mutual fondness for fuzzy bunnies and cute kittens. However, they part ways over the Hospital’s latest patient ‐ a harmless but very large spider with a sprained ankle. Fluttershy just can’t help but be creeped out, (she’s so disappointed in herself!) while Pip Squeak is fascinated by the creature.

One afternoon, Spike comes in to the hospital. Covered in cat scratches from his most recent attempt to cuddle with Opal, he’s looking to adopt a new cat as a gift (or rather, an Opal replacement) for Rarity. When he spots the spider, he freaks out. In a calamitous series of mishaps, he ends up releasing the spider from its cage, causing a panic in the ward and getting covered in webbing from the frightened arachnid. Only Pip Squeak has the presence of mind to calm the spider and corral it back into its cage. When the hospital staff arrives and sees Spike covered in cobwebs, they assume that Spike saved the day. Spike is about to correct the misunderstanding when Rarity shows up and learns of his heroic action. She is very impressed by his ‘manly’ behavior and Spike can’t help himself from taking credit. Fluttershy knows that Pipsqueak was the real hero and urges him to speak up. But Pip is too shy. He insists that Fluttershy tell the truth. But Fluttershy has a hard time speaking in front of crowds. She wants Pip Squeak to speak for himself.

It looks like they both might be spared the pain of public speaking when Rarity tries to hire Spike to take care of a bug infestation at the Boutique. Surely this will force him to admit the truth. But Spike, though nervous at the thought of dealing with bugs, is reluctant to relinquish the machismo points he scored with Rarity. Instead, Spike takes the job and begs Pip Squeak to pose as his assistant! With the young pony’s ‘help’, Spike successfully completes the job. Rarity raves about his abilities and soon the whole town is hiring Spike’s Pest Control Service. Fluttershy tries to set things right but the stern looks she throws Spike’s way are having no effect! And Pip Squeak still refuses to speak up.

All the while, Spike’s legend grows. The dragon gets so enthralled by the town’s hero worship (especially from Rarity) that he forgets that it is all based on a lie. But he remembers the truth very quickly when a truly ginormous, poisonous spider wanders into Ponyville. He panics and runs along with everypony else. Everypony but Pip Squeak, of course. While the others look on from their hiding places, the shy young pony shows the same talent with this spider as he did with the other. Soon the spider is on its way back out of town. Spike fesses up. He’s learned that taking credit you don’t deserve is no way to impress others. Pip Squeak gets the praise he deserves. In fact more than he wants, as Spike leads the shy pony through Ponyville, singing his praises through a megaphone.

This episode was first planned on September 20, 2010, and was rejected only four days later, on September 24.

Season 3

Proper Pony Princess Protocol

Twilight and her friends are very excited to visit Princess Cadence and Shining Armor for the first time since their wedding. Though they are a little nervous about what they’ll find when they get to Cadence and Shining Armor’s new home. After expelling the Changeling Queen and her minions, Princess Cadence was asked to take over her kingdom -- a frozen tundra at the northern most part of Equestria. When the Ponyville Ponies arrive, they are amazed to find that Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have created a veritable Shangri-La. Their combined magic has created the Crystal Kingdom – a sparkling paradise in the middle of the snowy, blustery landscape. Passing through the invisible force field that surrounds the kingdom, our ponies are bathed in a bright white light that for a moment makes them take on a crystal-like appearance.

Princess Cadence is thrilled to have Twilight and her friends as her guests and encourages them to take advantage of the castle’s many amenities. The Ponyville Ponies can’t believe they have the run of the place. But the fun comes to an end upon the arrival of an emissary from Canterlot. Sent to check up on the Princess and her new kingdom, she is immediately concerned that Twilight and the other Ponyville Ponies don’t seem to be following P.P.P.P. – Proper Pony Princess Protocol. If Princess Cadence is to perform her duties, it is of the utmost importance that her guests observe a certain level of decorum. Princess Cadence is to be revered and treated as the important ruler she is. The emissary puts Twilight and her friends through the royalty ringer. The Ponyville Ponies, with the exception of perhaps Rarity, struggle to conform to the emissary’s strict and often absurd rules regarding how they are to act in Princess Cadence’s presence.

Once she is satisfied that they are now well-versed in P.P.P.P., the emissary arranges an afternoon tea party with the Ponyville Ponies and Princess Cadence. It is all very regal and proper, but it is obvious that none of the Ponyville Ponies are having a good time. The emissary doesn’t seem to notice and deems the tea party a grand success. That is until she notices something strange going on. The Crystal Kingdom appears to be receding. The frozen tundra is slowly reclaiming the land transformed by Princess Cadence and Shining Armor’s magic. Concerned by this strange turn of events, the emissary decides that while the Ponyville Ponies have shown improvement when it comes to Proper Pony Princess Protocol, they are still a distraction to the Princess. Perhaps it would be best if they cut their visit short and returned home.

As much as they don’t want to go, Twilight and her friends also don’t want to be the ones responsible for Princess Cadence’s failure. But as they make their way out of the Crystal Kingdom, they notice that it is receding even further. Twilight realizes that if she and her friends were the problem, then the Crystal Kingdom wouldn’t still be shrinking. Twilight puts two and two together and realizes that the reason Princess Cadence is having trouble isn’t because Twilight and her friends are a distraction, but because they have been putting her on a pedestal when all she really wants is to be equals. Twilight and the other ponies return to the castle and burst in on Princess Cadence. The emissary is appalled at such behavior, but Twilight tells her that she has things all wrong. Princess Cadence may have more responsibilities now and a kingdom to rule over, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also be “just one of the girls”. If Princess Cadence is to be the best ruler she can be, then she needs to be surrounded by friends who treat her not just with respect, but also with love and friendship. The emissary is skeptical but allows Twilight the opportunity to prove her point. As Princess Cadence joins Twilight and the other Ponyville Ponies in their fun around the castle, her magic grows stronger and the Crystal Kingdom expands to its original glory. Satisfied that the kingdom is indeed in good hands, or in this case, hooves, the emissary returns to Canterlot, leaving Twilight and the Ponyville Ponies to enjoy the rest of their visit.

This was the originally planned Season 3 premiere.

Little White Lies/Pony Little Liars

Applejack has always been known as Ponyville’s most honest pony. But when she sees her little sister Apple Bloom being picked on at school by Diamond Tiara, she tells a little white lie to help her sibling out. Applejack struggles with the fact that she has told even such a tiny lie and feels really guilty about being dishonest. But when she sees how much her sister appreciates her help and how it has gotten Apple Bloom out of an uncomfortable situation, she decides that maybe it isn’t such a bad thing to tell a little white lie every once in awhile. Gradually, however, Applejack finds herself telling more and more little white lies in an effort to help out those around her. Having gotten a little too comfortable being dishonest, the next time Applejack sees Apple Bloom being picked on by Diamond Tiara, she doesn’t just tell a white lie, she tells a whopper. Applejack claims that a famous musician from Equestria will be staying at Sweet Apple Acres when she stops in Ponyville on her tour. Apple Bloom’s status at school suddenly skyrockets and Applejack is pleased to have made her little sister look good. But when Apple Jack finds out that Apple Bloom has invited her entire class over to meet the music star, she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. If Applejack doesn’t make her lie about the music star a reality, poor Apple Bloom will be totally humiliated. Through an elaborate series of lies, Applejack finds a way to get the musician to stay at Sweet Apple Acres and make a brief appearance in front of Apple Bloom’s classmates. But the process of juggling so many stories is so exhausting and her feelings of guilt so heavy that she vows from then on to always seek out the most honest way to help her family and friends.

This episode was first planned on June 21, 2011, re-titled "Pony Little Liars" on June 28, and was rejected altogether on July 12.

Rainbowshy and Flutterdash

Twilight and the rest of the Ponyville Ponies have extended their stay in the Crystal Kingdom, and for good reason. In an effort to show their new subjects that they are nothing like the evil Changeling Queen who once ruled over them, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have decided to host a Crystal Kingdom Faire. Princess Cadence has asked Twilight to kick off the festivities with a presentation of the famous spells of Starswirl the Bearded. A presentation that Twilight promises will be both historically and magically accurate. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are equally excited about their own Faire events. Fluttershy will be participating in a Butterfly Dressage Demonstration. (Think horse dressage as performed by butterflies.) Rainbow Dash will be competing in a race hosted by the Wonder Bolts. She’s desperate to win as the victor gets a spot at the Wonder Bolt Training Academy – the first step to becoming a full-fledged Wonder Bolt. Rainbow Dash trains day and night for the race. Much to the chagrin of Fluttershy, whose butterflies are constantly being disturbed by Rainbow Dash’s fly-bys. Rainbow Dash is so focused on winning the race that Fluttershy’s pleas for her to be more considerate fall on deaf ears.

The day of the Faire and Festival arrives and Rainbow Dash is certain she’s got the Qualifying Race in the bag. But while doing some last minute practicing of a spell that switches the insides of an apple and an orange, Twilight misses the fruit, and accidentally hits Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Suddenly, Fluttershy finds herself in the body of Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Dash finds herself in the body of Fluttershy! Twilight promises her friends she’ll figure out how to reverse the spell before the start of their events. But until she’s able to switch them back, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy can’t let anyone know they’ve changed places or Rainbow Dash will certainly be disqualified. Not only that, but the whole point of the Faire was to prove to Princess Cadence’s subjects that they no longer have to worry about Changelings. A couple of body-switching Pegasus is not going to do much in the way of alleviating their fears.

Rainbow Dash-as-Fluttershy and Fluttershy-as-Rainbow Dash try to keep up appearances. Their attempts to mimic one another’s behaviors are just barely convincing enough to work. It doesn’t help that Rainbow Dash is more than a little irritated that she has to take her focus off of her important race to prepare for the ridiculous Butterfly Dressage event. Which it looks like she’ll have to do because Twilight still hasn’t figured out how to reverse Starswirl the Bearded’s spell. Rainbow Dash ends up getting so frustrated at her situation that she scares off one of the butterflies and it flies away. Without all of her butterflies present, Fluttershy will be forced to drop out of the Dressage Demonstration. Fluttershy is devastated. She and her butterflies have worked so hard and now it will be for nothing. Rainbow Dash finally sees how important the event is to Fluttershy and vows to do her absolute best. Rainbow Dash-as-Fluttershy wrangles the butterfly, competes in the Dressage competition and dazzles the crowd. Fluttershy is appreciative of Rainbow Dash’s efforts and vows to return the favor. And she’ll have to do so. The Qualifying Race is about to begin and Twilight still hasn’t found a way to reverse the spell. Fluttershy-as-Rainbow Dash takes her place at the starting line and takes off. Buoyed by her butterflies’ success and eager to come through for Rainbow Dash who came through for her, Fluttershy-as-Rainbow Dash takes the lead. Just then, ZAP! Twilight masters the reversal spell and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash find themselves back in their own bodies. Rainbow Dash is momentarily disoriented and falls behind in the race. But as Fluttershy cheers her on from down below, she reclaims the lead and wins a spot in the Wonder Bolt Training Academy. Rainbow Dash is now one step closer to achieving her ultimate dream.

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor deem the Faire a huge success. Rainbow Dash just nods appreciatively as they express how much more exciting the race was as a result of her come-from-behind win. Rainbow Dash’s friends congratulate her on her victory as well. Rainbow Dash accepts their praise, but tells them that, to be perfectly honest, pulling off the Butterfly Dressage was much more difficult. Twilight apologizes profusely for almost ruining everything, but Rainbow Dash tells her that she’s glad the switch happened. It gave her a chance to walk in Fluttershy’s horseshoes for a little while. She’s definitely learned her lesson about respecting her friends’ goals and interests even when they are so different from her own.

This episode was first planned on June 21, 2011, was listed as #302 as of June 27, and was rejected on July 7.

Not So Cuteciñera

A wealthy and Very Important Pony from Canterlot has heard amazing things about Rarity and wants her to design a dress for her daughter’s upcoming Cutecinera. This is a huge opportunity for Rarity to establish herself outside of Ponyville and she is looking forward to meeting the filly and creating the perfect outfit for her party. But when the little girl arrives, she turns out to be a demanding brat who treats Rarity and the other Ponyville Ponies like her personal slaves. Fearful she’ll lose the filly’s mother as a client and, even worse, get a bad reputation in Canterlot, Rarity is willing to put up with anything the filly throws at her and begs her friends to do the same. But even Rarity has her limits. When the Very Important Pony returns to see her daughter in her new dress, Rarity informs her that she has chosen not to make it. She refuses to work with somepony who treats both she and, more importantly, her friends in such a horrible manner. The filly throws a huge tantrum and Rarity assumes her fate in Canterlot is sealed. But rather than be angry, the Very Important Pony commends Rarity for standing up for herself. She has shown dignity and class in a way that her own daughter has certainly failed to do. (Perhaps the Very Important Pony even offers to provide financing for Rarity to open a shop in Canterlot when she is ready to make the move there.)

This episode was first planned on July 12, 2011, and was rejected within less than a week.

Mayor, Maybe Not

When the Mayor of Ponyville is called away for a conference in Canterlot, Princess Celestia suggests that Twilight take over for her while she is gone. Twilight relishes the job and is pleased to be overseeing the day-to-day functions of the town. But as her tenure as Mayor continues, her friends start asking her to use her new position of power to get them things that they want. Twilight doesn’t see the harm in giving her pals a helping hoof. That is until she realizes that granting her friends’ requests is creating problems for the rest of her constituents. Soon all of Ponyville is in an uproar over the fact that Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy are getting special treatment. Twilight must find a way to make things right, but fears that reneging on her promises to her friends will create a rift in their friendship. In the end, it is Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy who actually help Twilight get Ponyville back on track as they all come to realize that sometimes decisions must be based on fairness and not friendship.

NOTE: This episode was suggested to be a musical with songs throughout. First planned on July 19, 2011, the episode got an outline on August 11, 2011, with the first full script due on September 5. Sadly, the episode was rejected on August 19.


None other than Princess Celestia has approached Rarity about designing an outfit for an upcoming event. But there’s a problem. Ever since Rarity found out she’d be designing a dress for Celestia, she has been having terrible recurring nightmares. In them, all of her sewing materials transform into strange and frightening creatures and a terrified Rarity runs away in fear. Try as she might, she just can’t find a way to get a good night’s rest. As if it weren’t bad enough that her lack of beauty sleep is affecting her beauty, it is also affecting her work. She’s so exhausted she can barely concentrate. Rarity’s friends notice how tired she is and offer their own remedies for getting a restful night’s sleep. A desperate Rarity tries them all, but to no avail. She’s running out of time to complete the garment for the Princess, but is so groggy, she feels she’s destined to fail at the task. And the more nervous she gets about failing at her assignment, the worse her dreams become.

Imagine her surprise when none other than Princess Luna arrives on her doorstep. The Princess has heard that Rarity has been plagued by nightmares and has come to offer her assistance. Rarity is shocked that word of her sleepless nights has reached Princess Luna. Luna reminds her that the night is her dominion. When there is trouble after dark, it is her job to help make things right. Rarity is grateful that Princess Luna will be coming to her aid. Surely the Princess will be able to cast some spell that will make Rarity’s nightmares go away. But Luna informs her that there is only one way to make her bad dreams disappear. Rarity must go to sleep and face the things that frighten her. Only when she faces her fears will they go away. Princess Luna promises to be there to protect her. Rarity reluctantly goes to bed and sure enough, her nightmare returns. But this time, rather than running away from the creatures, she stands her ground and commands them to do her bidding. The magical creatures, sensing that Rarity is no longer afraid, do as she asks, creating an amazing outfit.

Princess Luna appears in Rarity’s dream to congratulate her but says that the nightmares can easily return. That is unless Rarity faces the fears she has in her waking life. Princess Luna tells Rarity that after seeing her nightmares, it is obvious what scares her. Princess Luna assures Rarity that she can make a garment fit for Princess Celestia as long as she believes that she can. Don’t let your fear of failure get in the way of your success, she advises. Rarity awakes the next morning refreshed and ready to work, reminding herself that Princess Celestia chose her to make this outfit because she had every confidence that Rarity would do a good job. An exhausted Rarity completes her work and falls fast asleep, enjoying peaceful, beautiful dreams. When Princess Celestia arrives to pick up the garment she commissioned, she informs Rarity that it is even more beautiful than she could have even imagined.

NOTE: This episode would been Rarity's only one for Season 3 (replacing Not So Cuteciñera) if it had been confirmed further. It was first planned on July 19, 2011, only to be rejected on July 27.

The Royal Apples

When Big Mac finds a battered old crown buried in the fields, Granny Smith knows that he has uncovered an important family artifact. She had always heard that great, great, great, grandpa Macintosh was a King of some kind and now the crown has confirmed it. They’re all royalty… and they better start acting like it! Granny Smith has a few ideas regarding how royalty should behave… and none of it happens in an apple field. Soon, the rest of Ponyville buys into the hype and they starts treating the whole family like prince and princesses… and Applejack doesn’t like it! Applejack and Apple Bloom are stalked by Pony-azzi, invited to tons of parties and forced to behave in a certain way. Applejack is no good at the royal lessons she’s getting or the formal events she has to attend and longs to be in the fields again. While she’s occupied, it’s up to her friends to uncover the real truth behind the crown (Nightmare Night costume) and set her free!

This episode was first planned on September 13, 2011, and was rejected a week later, on September 20.

Season 4

What Ponies Want

Ponyville is sponsoring its own version of a pageant, and everyone wants to participate.  Well, everyone except Rainbow Dash who thinks that the whole thing is silly.  So, while her friends are preparing for the many aspects of the competition, she heads out on her own to do some flying drills.  While swooping down low over the forest, a bug accidentally flies into her ear.  She doesn’t think much of it until she gets back to Ponyville and notices that her friends seem to be talking without moving their mouths.  After a few comments that she’s pretty sure her friends would NEVER say out loud, she suddenly realizes that she’s hearing their thoughts!  And this is something she can have fun with, so she listens more carefully and discovers that her friends are all pretty excited about the pageant, not to mention pleased that Rainbow Dash isn’t participating.  Who needs the competition, especially in the sporting event part of the pageant?  And for Rainbow Dash, competition is the magic word.  All of a sudden, she really wants to win the pageant too!

It’s easy for Rainbow Dash to get a leg up on the competition when she knows what everyone is thinking.  She’s always one step ahead of them.  She knows what colors they’ll be wearing in their manes and exactly what kind of talent they’ll be doing.  She amazes everyone with her intelligence during the question and answer segment.  Not only does she seem to know the answers almost before they’re asked, but she gets each and every one of them right.  And she really astounds everyone in the talent competition when she performs a magic act where she knows what cards everyone is holding and exactly what they’re thinking.  No one can figure it out – how did she get so talented?!  Rainbow Dash just shrugs her shoulders in mock humility.  That’s just who she is, a multi-talented pony!

There’s only one event left in the pageant, and Rainbow Dash doesn’t need any special skill to win it – she can beat the others in the athletic competition with her eyes closed.  She’s got this part in the bag!  She’s proud of herself for using her new psychic skills to make her way to the top… until she hears Fluttershy’s sad thoughts.  Fluttershy had been practicing for weeks and really wanted to win, but now that she knows there’s only the sports event left, she’s sure that she has no chance against Rainbow Dash.  Rainbow Dash tunes into the other ponies and realizes that they’ve also given up.  However, instead of feeling good about her potential victory, Rainbow Dash finally realizes that she was taking advantage of the situation and taking the easy way out.  She decides to throw the event by tripping instead of taking off into a graceful set of acrobatics.  When she clumsily hits the ground, the bug is knocked out of her ear and she’s thrilled to no longer be able to hear anyone’s thoughts about her graceless fall and Fluttershy’s unexpected win!

This episode was written by Corey Powell on July 16, 2012, and was planned to be #410. Unfortunately, it did not make it to the script tracker, and was replaced by Rainbow Falls on July 27.

Season 5

The Other Mane 6

Written by: Amy Keating Rogers (October 11, 2013)

Everypony is excited that the Grand Galloping Gala is going to be held in Ponyville this year. Especially The Other Mane 6. Octavia and DJ Pon-3 have amazing plans for the music, blending together their musical talents by amping up Octavia with an electric cello while DJ Pon-3 mixes together the sound with some cool beats. Lyra and Bon Bon plan to dance the night away to this fantastic music while Dr. Hooves is looking forward to hitting the Apple Family’s Food Cart with his sister Derpy for some of Granny Smith’s famous Apple Crisp Muffins.
But, as everypony knows, the most important part of the Grand Galloping Gala is…the fashion! The girls decide they're going to get dresses made at the Carousel Boutique by that Rarity pony. Each girl makes a private appointment and goes in to describe their dream dress to Rarity. Lyra’s up first, as she describes a beautiful gown with various accessorizing details to embellish the dress. Rarity is truly inspired. This pony has exquisite taste! Then Bon Bon comes in next for her appointment… and describes the same exact dress, right down to the accoutrements! Rarity tries to interrupt and steer her another direction, but she can’t get a word in edgewise. Next Octavia enters. Surely this musical pony will have a different sense of style. Nope. Rarity cannot believe her ears as this pony also describes the same dress with the same details. And she will also not be swayed. Then DJ Pon-3 (who doesn’t talk) comes in and starts playing a remix of the same words the other three ponies have used to describe their dresses while doing a laser light show with her Unicorn horn depicting the very same gown! Rarity is dumbfounded. By the time Derpy comes in, Rarity holds up her hoof and tells her not to say a word. She knows exactly what she wants. Rarity holds up a sketch of the dress that every other girl is getting. Derpy nods in agreement and goes off. Rarity sighs, having the strangest feeling of déjà vu.

Meanwhile, even Dr. Hooves is going in to see Rarity at the Carousel Boutique for a consultation on a “new look” for the Gala. Who knows? Maybe he’ll finally find the companion of his dreams? Dr. Hooves emerges from the dressing room dressed in similar fashion as the First, Second, and then Third Doctor. Rarity thinks these looks are all a bit stodgy for Dr. Hooves and that she needs to think on this a bit.

The day arrives for the girls to try on their dresses at the Boutique and show them to each other. As they get dressed, they begin to sing a song in the vein of “Paris Original” from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” thinking they are each going to be wearing wonderful, one-of-a-kind dresses. But when they step out of their dressing rooms, they reveal that they are wearing the exact same thing!

Now, these ponies are particularly peeved. What kind of shoddy shop does this Rarity run? Rarity tries to explain that she tried to tell each of them that they were ordering the same dress, but the girls wouldn’t listen to her. The girls realize that this is true. They were very set on what they wanted and didn’t listen to any of Rarity’s suggestions. So what do they do now? They all love this dress. But who should get to wear it? The friends decide that the only fair thing is for none of them to wear it. Instead, Rarity will make them brand new, completely different dresses that they will reveal to everypony at a big fashion show next week. As they leave, Rarity can’t help but feel a bit of déjà vu yet again.

Dr. Hooves has another batch of outfits to try on. This time he emerges as the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Doctor. The Fourth is okay, but he keeps tripping on the scarf. The Fifth is very dapper, but Dr. Hooves keeps eating the celery, which really annoys Rarity. “That is fashion! Not a snack!” And the Sixth is just ridiculous. It makes him look like a clown. Back to the old drawing board!

Rarity gears herself up to design five entirely new looks for these girls. But when she has her private appointments to discuss the new dresses, each girl tells Rarity that she doesn’t need to make her a new dress. After all, it would be a terrible waste if nopony wore Rarity’s original design. And if all the other girls are getting new dresses, then this dress will be just fine. DJ Pon-3 even manages to tell Rarity in another amazing remix. And once again, Rarity tries to step in and tell the girls that this isn’t going to work—that all of the friends are going to be wearing the same dress—but they won’t listen. When Derpy comes in, an exhausted Rarity holds up her hoof stating that Derpy needn’t say a thing. She knows that Derpy wants to wear the original dress that Rarity made otherwise it would be a waste. Derpy nods, smiles, and leaves.

Dr. Hooves emerges as the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Doctor. But Rarity doesn’t like the question marks all over the Seventh’s outfit. What was she thinking? The cravat looks too stuffy for the Eighth. And the Ninth’s “leather jacket” look is all wrong. Dr. Hooves says he has an idea and does a quick change. He comes out in a fez and a bow tie, claiming that both are cool. Rarity quickly shuts him down. So much for the Eleventh Doctor.

The day of the runway show, Rarity has tried to gather the friends to talk with each other, not wanting them to embarrass themselves on stage. But each girl wants to have her “big reveal.” Rarity assures them that it will be. DJ-Pon 3 lays down the beats and hits the runway in her dress. Everypony is in awe. What a fantastic gown! But then Octavia hits the runway in the same dress. What? Then Lyra…then Bon Bon…then Derpy! They are all stunned and start accusing each other, “You were supposed to wear a different dress! No you! No you!” Soon they’re pulling the various accessories and embellishments of each other’s dresses trying to make them “different” á la the “Friendship” scene from “I Love Lucy” (could a nice place for another song).

Finally the girls hear somepony call out, “Stop!” It’s Twilight, the Princess of Friendship. Since she moved to Ponyville, she’s learned a lot about friendship. And she knows that true friends are worth more than a silly dress. (Rarity is rather offended. Her dresses are hardly silly!) Twilight recommends that the girls try to remember what’s truly at the heart of their friendship. The girls realize that Twilight is right. Being friends is much more important than any dress. In fact, maybe they all designed the same dress because they are such close friends. Maybe they should wear the same dress to the Gala! Hearing this, Rarity is mortified. Five of the same dresses that she designed at the Grand Galloping Gala? Never!

And out in the audience, Dr. Hooves is sporting his winning look as the Tenth Doctor wearing a tie and Converse. Suddenly, a lovely pony bumps into him. He’s seen her around town over the years, but he’s never asked her name. “Oh,” she says sweetly, “It’s Rose.” Dr. Hooves smiles. “Hello, Rose. I’m the Doctor.”

This episode was canceled on November 1, 2013, as it wasn't listed in the production report.

How to Be a Princess

Written by: Scott Sonneborn (November 4, 2013)

Ponies are arriving in Canterlot from across Equestria – each dressed in a princess costume! Because tonight, Canterlot is hosting the biggest princess-themed party of the year -it’s like cosplay at ComicCon, except everyone is dressed as their favorite princess from the past or present!

TWILIGHT, as always, doesn’t want a big deal to be made about her. She’s excited to go as one of her favorite historical princesses, but she is dreading just a little seeing all the ponies dressed as her. She loves being the Princess of Friendship, but being surrounded by dozens of ponies pretending to be her seems like a bit much.

So you’d think she’d be happy to discover that among the dozens of Celestia, Luna, and Cadance costumes (as well as ponies dressed as princesses from the past), there’s only ONE pony dressed as the Princess of Friendship!

Twi is relieved – at first. But tonight’s Princess Party isn’t just dress-up fun – it’s also a kind of pageant where you compete to prove that the princess you’re dressed as is the best princess of all. And while the Princess Twilight cosplayer is incredibly enthusiastic, she totally has the wrong idea about Twilight. She’s portraying her as a princess obsessed with tiaras, tea parties, and ball gowns!

Twilight subtly tries to coach the super fan dressed as her. Just because Twilight is a Princess, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have interests outside getting dressed up and going to parties. Unfortunately, the uber-fan insists she knows better than anypony what the Princess of Friendship would or wouldn’t do. In fact, the uber-fan is so set on her own idea of how the Princess of Friendship acts, she simply does not believe this annoying pony giving her advice could actually be Twilight! Even when Twilight tells her it is!

As Twilight deals with that, we’ll cut back and forth to the rest of the Mane Six’s adventures at the competition, each dressed as their favorite princess. Which in PINKIE’S is a completely made-up princess that completely confounds the judges.

And due to a last second mix up, FLUTTERSHY ends up entered as RAINBOW DASH’s favorite warrior princess. While Rainbow Dash is signed up as the very demure, froofy, bunny-loving princess Fluttershy was going to go as. No changes are allowed at this late date, and competitive Rainbow Dash isn’t about to just drop out. So she’s going to find a way to win as the girly princess. Which inspires Fluttershy to do her best as the large-and-in-charge Warrior Princess she’s dressed as.

Meanwhile, RARITY has spent months creating dozens of princess costumes before finally settling on just the right one. And just in time – APPLEJACK is knocking on the door to go with her to the pageant! Only APPLEJACK has been so busy on the farm, she hasn’t even begun to think about which princess she’s going to go as! Applejack figured that Rarity would have a bunch of extra costumes lying around. And she does. But if AJ is going to wear one of Rarity’s creations, it has to be exactly the right one: the perfect match!

Applejack is annoyed that Rarity won't let her just pick any old princess costume so they can get to the party already. And at first, Rarity is only doing that because her vanity won't allow her to let one of her costume creations be seen unless it’s the perfect fit. But the process of trying on all the different costumes forces Applejack to think about what kind of princess she'd like to be. That's not something Applejack normally spends any time thinking about. But in doing so she realizes that even for someone as down to earth as she is, in Equestria, there's a princess that fits her to a “T”.

In the end, Twilight is able to convince her doppelganger that being a Princess can mean many things, and that there isn’t a “right way” to be one. The cosplaying uber-fan is totally on board with this lesson, but decides that she’ll dress as a different princess next time around. Princess Twilight is awesome in her own way, but now that she knows more about her, the young pony realizes that Twilight is not the Princess she aspires to be -- a sentiment that the real Princess of Friendship understands and accepts. Meanwhile, while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy entered the contest knowing exactly what kind of princesses they wanted to be, the mix-up allowed them to gain a deeper respect for the princesses they portrayed instead. And Pinkie Pie proves that you really can be any kind of princess — even one that doesn’t exist!

How to Be a Princess was listed as #506 in the episode order as of November 13, 2013. A full outline was written on December 6, 2013, then the episode was rejected on December 20, with Appleoosa's Most Wanted taking its position in the episode order.

Trend or Foe

Written by: Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco (January 2, 2014)

Rarity has been working very hard on a new clothing line to show Hoity Toity. He’s promised to help Rarity achieve her dream of opening a second boutique in Canterlot! That is, IF he likes what he sees. Rarity has invited him to visit her store in Ponyville to see her style and her work, and of course, her new line. He’s coming in on the afternoon train. Rarity tells her friends the good news and it seems as if everything’s coming up Rarity... until the ponies step outside the boutique and realize that Suri Polomare has opened up a competing clothing store right across the street from Rarity’s! Ponies are actually lining up to get inside and get some of Suri's multi-colored tail extentions. Whhhaaaattt?!

Suri emerges from her store and takes the opportunity to taunt Rarity, “Oh hey, Rarity. Is that your boutique? I didn’t even notice it, because it’s so small and no one is lined up to go inside.” To all the other girls’ surprise, Rarity just laughs and says, “Good for you Suri, opening your own store is very exciting! Best of luck!” And with that, Rarity heads back inside to keep working on her new designs. She tells her friends Applejack and Rainbow Dash that she won’t get caught up in competing with Suri. She’s made that mistake before! But she confesses she would like their help looking after her store while she locks herself in her workshop to concentrate on perfecting her designs for Hoity Toity. She tells Applejack and Rainbow Dash that they really don’t have to do anything, just be nice and helpful should anypony come to the boutique! They tell her not to worry about a thing, and Rarity locks herself in her workshop.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack are determined to do whatever it takes to help Rarity out! Only...they don’t have anything to do. The store is empty and business is slow. They look out the window and see Suri Polomare's boutique is hopping! Ponies are lined up and Suri is outside, telling her customers they’ll get nothing but the best from the most fashionable clothing store in all of Ponyville. As she ushers her customers in, she shoots the ponies a smug look.

The ever-competitive Rainbow Dash and Applejack simply cannot stand to see Suri’s store out-performing their friend’s shop. How will it look when Hotity Toity shows up and sees that Rarity doesn’t have the #1 boutique in Ponyville? He’ll question whether Rarity can compete in Canterlot, that’s what! They’ve got to get the Carousel Boutique back on top! They start off small by asking Pinkie to bake cupcakes to give out to the first 20 customers. When Suri catches on to what they're doing, she orders twenty cakes to give out to her customers! Next, Rainbow Dash does rainbow “sky-writing” above the boutique that calls attention to the store. Suri then calls on some pegasus friends who flap their wings and blow the rainbow sky writing over Suri’s store. Finally Applejack and Rainbow Dash resort to an all out price slashing, cost cutting battle with Suri, marking down Rarity’s one of a kind couture pieces to next to nothing!

Meanwhile, Rarity is holed up in her workshop, oblivious to the shenanigans that are going on in the boutique. She only looks up from her sewing machine when she hears a THUMP THUMP THUMP coming from downstairs. She shrugs it off - must be a marching band or something.

In the boutique we see the THUMPING was really DJ Pon-3 laying down some heavy beats. Across the way we see Suri’s got a DJ of her own, but DJ Pon-3 is much louder. Applejack and Rainbow Dash yell over the music that this was a great idea! But in reality, Rarity’s classy couture establishment now looks more like a dance party. Sure it’s full of ponies but it’s also a complete mess! At that moment, Hoity Toity walks in. He tries to ask for Rarity - but no one can hear him over DJ Pon-3’s sick jams. He looks at the store critically and doesn’t like what he sees. He says good fashion speaks for itself and he won't be a part of bringing this circus to Canterlot! He leaves in disgust and Rarity emerges from her workshop just in time to see him go. She turns to Rainbow Dash and Applejack and asks, “What in Equestria have you done to my beautiful boutique?”

Rainbow Dash and Applejack say they were just trying to help Rarity compete with Suri's business so that Hoity Toity would see that she could be successful in Canterlot. Rarity: “Did you not think my designs were evidence enough?” Rarity asks. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are as crushed as Rarity. They’ve ruined her chances of opening a second boutique in Canterlot! Applejack and Rainbow Dash promise they’ll make it up to her.

They chase down Hoity Toity and explain that Rarity’s boutique was a classy chic establishment before they got their hooves on it. This is all their fault and if Hoity Toity would please come with them to see what Rarity has been working on - they’re absolutely positive he’ll be impressed. Reluctantly, Hoity Toity agrees to accompany the ponies, and when he sees Rarity’s designs, he’s absolutely blown away! He tells Rarity she can absolutely have her very own Canterlot Carousel Boutique! Hooray!

Meanwhile, trying to compete with Applejack and Rainbow Dash forced Suri Polomare out of business - between slashing her own prices and all the money she spent on cakes and DJ’s, she’s flat broke! As she closes her doors, she again vows revenge on Rarity and gallops off into the sunset.

At the end, Rarity invites Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and the rest of the Mane 6 to the boutique to celebrate and Rainbow Dash and Applejack recap our friendship lesson: it's important not to get so caught up helping a friend compete with somepony else that you lose sight of what makes that friend special in their own way.

No outline was written for this episode, and it was finally officially rejected on June 20, 2014.

Prism Break

Written by: Josh Haber (January 10, 2014)

When the MAP calls Rainbow Dash to Cloudsdale, she and the rest of the Mane Six are hardly surprised. Whatever problem might be going on in the Pegasus city, Dash is clearly the only pony brave enough, fast enough, and all together awesome enough to handle it. But before she can leave, the map calls for a second pony to join her—Fluttershy.
Dash can’t understand how Fluttershy could possibly help her on her daring adventure in the sky, since her friend is more at home hanging out in the Everfree Forest with cuddly animals. Fluttershy isn’t sure herself and the two agree that Rainbow should take the lead.

In Cloudsdale, it doesn’t take long to figure out the problem. Production at the Rainbow Factory has fallen off dramatically. The two ponies recently promoted to head the Water and Light departments can’t seem to work together. The head of Water, Vapor Tail, isn’t sure any of the mist her department makes is really “Rainbow Quality” and worries she might never make one perfect drop, let alone a whole sky full. Foal Spectrum, on the other hand, only cares that her department make the shiniest, brightest, clearest light possible to fill the entire sky in all its unfiltered, blinding glory.

Dash decides that since she and Foal have so much in common, she can definitely help the head of the Light Department learn how to ease off the throttle. Meanwhile, Dash also decides, Fluttershy should try to help Vapor come out of her shell, since they are both on the timid side.

Fluttershy meekly suggests that they’d have better luck with an opposite pairing since Foal could obviously do with a lesson in being timid and Vapor might just benefit from a little exposure to Dash’s world of brash. But before Fluttershy can even finish her thought, Dash is already off bonding with Foal and Fluttershy decides to go along with Dash’s plan.

Unfortunately, as Dash and Fluttershy try to help, Foal and Vapor only become more and more convinced that the situation is impossible. Fluttershy eventually summons the courage to demand that Dash consider her plan that they need to be helping the opposite pony. Finally seeing the logic, Dash wonders why it took Fluttershy so long to speak up.

Before Fluttershy can admonish Dash for taking so long to listen, everyone realizes the rainbow output has fallen so low that Cloudsdale is sinking. Unable to work together, even in an emergency, Vapor and Foal hand the reigns to Fluttershy and Rainbow who step in and show how their disparate personalities can be used to complement each other instead of hampering each other’s efforts.
Finally, able to see how their two departments are meant to work in consort, Foal and Vapor gain a new respect for each other and for their respective roles. Dash and Fluttershy, meanwhile, are reminded how their differences are exactly the things that make them such good friends.

No outline was written for this episode, and it was finally officially rejected on June 20, 2014.

Sugar-Free Pie

Written by: Jayson Thiessen & Jim Miller (January 15, 2014)

Cane-ada, sugar supplier for all of Equestria, has been hit by a terrible parasprite infestation, decimating the sugar crop. When news reaches Ponyville that sugar will have to be rationed there is a run on supply. Pinkie Pie, seeing a long sugarless year ahead, panics. She decides the best place to hoard it is in her stomach and goes on an epic sugar binge. In a fever dream, she has an epiphany and realizes she needs to quit eating sugar immediately. Cold turkey.

As the sugar exits her system, an entirely different Pinkie Pie begins to emerge. The lack of sugar makes her mind sharper, her thoughts more logical. Her brain is working in ways it never has before. But while her friends appreciate everything she’s doing (e.g.: she quickly calculates an easy fix for Applejack’s busted water chute), and are impressed with her dramatic change, they can’t help feeling sad that the new sugar-free Pinkie seems to have completely replaced good ol’ Fun Pinkie. When news comes in that the full-polka assault on the sugarcane fields was a success, they breathe a sigh of relief and prepare to give Pinkie a frosting infusion. But she refuses. To go back to her old self now would be…illogical.

The new logical Pinkie thwarts all her friends’ attempts to get her to have some sugar. They decide their best chance to get their old friend back is to throw her a surprise party and trick her into becoming Fun Pinkie again. But despite their best efforts, she is able to resist even this. Finally they understand how serious the situation is. The Pinkie they knew and loved might be gone forever. It’s a sad reality for them, but she is still their friend and if she’s happier this way, then they will just have to support the new Pinkie. Pinkie thinks, then says, “But I’m not actually happier now than I was with sugar. Therefore it is an illogical conclusion for me to want to stay this way as opposed to being my old self…” She falls into a horrific logic spiral and gets her mind so twisted and warped that – sproing! – she becomes Fun Pinkie again! As she tears into an emergency pastry, she tells her friends that she has learned the importance of having balance. “I became so obsessed with my new lifestyle that I forgot who I really am, and you can’t be a good friend if you can’t be yourself.”

This episode was rejected on January 24, 2014, only nine days after submission.

Fillydelphia Ragtime

Written by: M.A. Larson (February 27, 2014)

The map is a-callin’, and this time it’s Rarity and Applejack who are summoned. Rarity is thrilled that they’ll be going to the bustling metropolis of Fillydelphia! Applejack is nonchalant. She’s been there lots of times since she sells a percentage of every cider season’s output to her friends who run the local Fillydelphia restaurants. When they arrive, Rarity is utterly charmed by the town, but neither pony knows quite what to do about their mission. Everypony seems happy and the city is bustling. But when they notice a huge crowd forming, they discover that they’ve arrived on election day! And – surprise! – the winner is the newly minted MAYOR FLAM!

As his first order of business, he is outlawing cider! With all his snake-oil-salespony charm, he has convinced half the town of the horrors of cider. He has seen with his own two eyes how cider can pit pony against pony! For Fillydelphia’s own good, cider must go! And in its place? A potato-based alternative beverage called True Spud. Half the town cheers, the other half grumbles. But Applejack sees red when she sees her restaurant owner friends up on stage with Flam. She has known and worked with them for years, knows their families and their businesses, and now they’re joining this huckster to outlaw cider?

As Applejack goes off to meet with the lone holdout amongst her restaurant friends, Rarity is approached by an aide to the new mayor. Hizzonor recognized her in the crowd and wants to see her. She suspects Flam is somehow related to the friendship problem, so she flatters and compliments him to try to get to the bottom of what’s going on. She becomes a flapper-dress-wearing femme fatale, infiltrating Fillydelphia’s high society while standing by Flam’s side.

Applejack, meanwhile, is crushed to learn that her old friends are hitching their wagons to Flam because he is flashy and popular and they think they can get something out of this access to power. These were business partners, sure, but they were also real friends. And now they have thrown her overboard for a false friendship that might improve their status. She is genuinely hurt. And so, as Rarity works the halls of power looking for clues to Flam’s motives, Applejack starts sneaking cider into town. Most Fillydelphians are thrilled to have their cider back – they never saw what the problem was – but some have bought Flam’s lies hook, line, and sinker and are True Spud true believers. The once peaceful town is being ripped apart at the seams.

Eventually, at a high-powered society dinner with all the town’s elites, Rarity discovers that the mysterious force behind True Spud is none other than Flim! The brothers are working both sides to drive the Apple Family out of Fillydelphia to make room for their potato product! Applejack, meanwhile, uses this information to convince her old friends that they have been behaving badly. They have abandoned their wholesome principles, and treated a good friend poorly, all so they could make themselves feel more important. They realize they have been nothing more than social climbers, and it’s never worth it to climb if it means you have to step on a friend. They agree to sell cider again! Flim and Flam, meanwhile, are run out of town on the rails, peace is restored to Fillydelphia, and a small sapling grows in the town square.

The episode was quickly rejected the next day, on February 28.

Applejack Pony's Equestrian Vacation

Written by: Jayson Thiessen & Jim Miller (February 28, 2014)

After a particularly busy harvest and canning season Applejack is EXHAUSTED. Her friends decide to do something nice for her and get her an all-expense paid trip to LIO PO’O BEACH Spa and Resort for a little R&R. (Lio means ‘horse’ and po’o is ‘head’ in Hawaiian). AJ politely accept their gracious gift, but doesn’t dare hurt their feelings by telling them that there’s nothing more she hates in the whole world than being idle. Upon arriving at the resort AJ discovers that her friends have each picked out a particular treatment for her to enjoy (RY – retail therapy, PP – Full body frosting massage, etc…) Not wanting to insult the generosity of her friends, AJ goes along with them, but really dislikes being waited on. At one point she’s told she can sit in a deckchair and just enjoy the view for a full four hours! ‘Ya mean, I’m just supposda sit here and do NUTHIN?’ AJ tries to help out around the resort to feel useful, but her attempts are constantly rebuffed. When a problem arises that suits her particular set of skills, AJ defies the staff and solves the day and feels the degree of relaxation she was looking for by being useful. Ultimately, AJ learns that while it’s good to take a break every once and a while, she’s the most comfortable being at home and working, and that sometimes it’s best to accept a gift with grace than hurt somepony’s feelings.

This episode was rejected on April 4, 2014.

The Princess of Stress

Written by: Amy Keating Rogers (March 17, 2014)

Becoming the Princess of Friendship brought about a lot of new responsibilities and added pressure for TWILIGHT. Suddenly anypony with a friendship problem is coming to her for advice. Twilight is happy to guide them through their troubles and help mend each and every friendship she can. But who knew there were so many friendship problems in Ponyville? Twilight’s workload has gotten so big she’s almost rushing through these ponies’ problems, barely listening, almost on autopilot. (And as a result, Twilight’s friendship advice is less than stellar.) Suddenly the weather in Ponyville starts going haywire. Almost at the same time the Map calls FLUTTERSHY and Twilight to fly up to Cloudsdale. Twilight’s so busy she’s freaking out, but she has no choice but to go.

Arriving at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, Twilight is determined to help the workers fix their problem as quickly as possible so that she can get home and continue her work. STORMY FEATHER, the Pegasus in charge, agrees with Twilight that if they go by the book, they should be able to fix everything in no time flat. Fluttershy, on the other hoof, meets up with a RAINBOW SHINE, who’s second in command. Rainbow Shine is Stormy Feather’s friend, but she’s noticed that Stormy Feather just isn’t listening to the workers since she got her promotion. Like Fluttershy, Rainbow Shine thinks they ought to take their time and really get to the heart of the matter before rushing to a solution.

But when Twilight and Stormy Feather deal with the issues in an overly logical manner, the weather goes completely wild, causing a huge storm to break out in Cloudsdale! When Fluttershy and Rainbow Shine bring up all of the flaws in the plan that caused this storm, Twilight and Stormy Feather realize their errors. Putting logic aside Stormy Feather finally listens to her friend and leads the Weather Factory workers from her instincts. Soon enough, the workers start really working together and are able to calm the storm in Cloudsdale and control the weather in all of Equestria again.
Stormy Feather apologizes for not listening to Rainbow Shine. And Twilight in turn apologizes to Fluttershy for getting so wrapped up in getting things done that she didn’t do her job as the Princess of Friendship.

With the problem solved, Twilight and Fluttershy’s Cutie Marks glisten and it is time for them to return to Ponyville.

No outline was written for this episode, and it was finally officially rejected on June 20, 2014.

Daring Do's Muse

Written by: G.M. Berrow (May 9, 2014)

When Rainbow Dash finds out that the next installment of the Daring Do series doesn’t have a release date yet, she decides to go see her friend A.K. Yearling to pry some of the new book's plot out of her and maybe even give A.K. some ideas for it in the process. After all, the inscription A.K. wrote in Dash’s advance copy of “Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny” said that she, “Hopes to see her again soon!”

Rainbow Dash shows up at AK's cottage with her suitcase and AK's not exactly thrilled.... "Oh, hi, Rainbow Dash. I didn't think you'd take my note so... literally!" But A.K. does consider Rainbow Dash somewhat of a friend. She decides to let Dash stay for a few days since she traveled so far. She even offers to take Rainbow Dash to the local museum to see a set of relics featured in one of the Daring Do books – The Diadem of Metztli and the Tiara of Tonatiuh. (Two pieces that cannot be separated from one another, or a terrible curse will be activate.)

As the two look at the relics, Rainbow Dash tries to nonchalantly get a few hints about the plot of the next Daring Do book. Turns out that A.K. hasn’t started a new book because her alter ego hasn’t been on an adventure worth writing about lately. A.K. Yearling is totally fine with waiting for just the right real-life story to unfold but the impatient Rainbow Dash worries that doing so could take forever. There has to be a faster way to jumpstart A.K.’s creative process!

At first, Dash tries to help by giving AK her own fan-fiction for inspiration. A.K., of course, can't read it and politely declines. What else can Dash do to inspire her favorite author? She is trying to think of something when she sees the brochure for the museum. Dash gets the bright idea to stage a kidnapping of herself and robbery of one of the crowns to get the "muse of adventure" going for AK. Then, AK can rescue both her and the relic as Daring Do and she'll start writing a book about the adventure. How could this possibly go wrong?

But of course things do go terribly wrong as the “helpful” museum docent who agrees to assist Dash with her plot turns out to be real-life Daring Do nemesis, ROSY THORN. Rosy works for Ahuizotl and is genuinely trying to get her hooves on the relics. She’s not helping Rainbow Dash fake a kidnapping, she’s taking Rainbow Dash hostage for real! A great DD action scene follows where Daring Do manages to get Rainbow Dash free, but in turn gets captured herself. In the process, Daring Do gets shot with a sleeping dart by one of the henchponies that show up to help Rosy.

Dash feels terrible!! Is Daring Do okay?!! It's all her fault-- whyyyyyy did she do this? Why did she try to force things to go her way? No more A.K. Yearling means no more Daring Do books... ever. THE HORROR!

RD must snap to action and protect the crown from Rosy Thorn, which she manages to do. When the dust settles, Dash tries to wake up Daring Do and dramatically apologizes for setting the whole thing up. Daring Do opens her eyes and laughs. She was trying to teach her a lesson, too-- be patient and don't force things to go the way you want them too. They never will!

In the end, Rainbow Dash leaves A.K.'s house with a book in her hooves-- the first in another adventure series that A.K. herself likes to read. She'll still have to be patient for the next Daring Do book-- and that's okay!

This episode was rejected on May 23, 2014.

Season 6

A Glimmer of an Idea

Written by: Dave Rapp (October 21, 2014)

Twilight starts a friendship lesson by presenting Starlight Glimmer with a multitude of ways to learn about the The History of Ponyville. Starlight asks if there isn’t just a book she can read. Twilight admit there is, but wanted to give Starlight all the options since she knows that different ponies learn differently. She challenges Starlight to find the most effective way for her to learn the wisdom of their forefillies.

Eager to impress her new teacher, Starlight commits to going above and beyond the basic assignment. She scours the library of the Castle of the Two Sisters for a spell that will enable her to learn everything there is to know about Ponyville in one fell swoop. In a secret chamber behind a sliding bookcase, she finds just that.

She performs the spell and… nothing happens. She doesn’t feel any smarter and doesn’t know the answers to any of the questions when Spike quizzes her on her homework. She explains her frustration to the young dragon and he tells her that she’s lucky the spell didn’t work. If there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s to steer clear of spell books in secret chambers. Besides, instead of using magic to become the smartest pony in town, she should just read the book that she and Twilight talked about.

Spike leaves her to it, but as he walks through town everypony he meets starts forgetting the simplest things as they talk. Their eyes glaze over and they all wander around, clueless. Spike tries to find Twilight, but the same thing’s happened to her. He realizes that Starlight’s spell worked, but made her the smartest pony in town by draining everypony else’s knowledge away.

Spike returns to Starlight, and the two of them try to figure out what happened to all the pony knowledge. Starlight shows him where she found the spell book but it’s gone. They pore over every other book in the library, but to no avail. Finally Starlight thinks of the one book she hasn’t read, The History of Ponyville.

As Starlight reads the life story of every pony in town, now magically inscribed in the book, their memories and knowledge return to them. Starlight apologizes to Twilight for trying to hard to impress her and admits that sometimes her drive to overachieve can land her in situations that are out of her depth. Twilight admits that she understands all too well.

A Glimmer of an Idea began development on October 21, 2014, when Dave Rapp wrote the premise. It was listed as #613 on January 23, 2015. The outline was written on February 4, 2015, then revised on February 17. Sadly, it never got a full script, and was rejected on February 23, with Spice Up Your Life now taking its place.

A Day Without Sprinkles

Written by: Michael P. Fox & Wil Fox (October 23, 2014)

Pinkie Pie LOVES sprinkles.  She eats spoonfuls of sprinkles as she sings songs about sprinkles while painting pictures of sprinkles.  But disaster strikes when Fluttershy visits with an ocelot she’s nursing back to health.  Every time Pinkie Pie nears a bowl of sprinkles next to the ocelot, she has a sneezing fit!  Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie come to a horrific conclusion – Pinkie Pie is allergic to sprinkles and must never eat them again.

Now living a strict sprinkle-free life, Pinkie Pie is no longer herself.  Even her pinkness has faded.  While walking through town struggling not to think about sprinkles, everything Pinkie Pie sees looks like it’s made of sprinkles – evil, sneeze-causing sprinkles!  Pinkie Pie loudly complains about vile sprinkles and how all ponies should be protected from their sniffling, stuffed-up ways.  Soon she has followers.  Like Pinkie Pie, they’re allergic to sprinkles and hate them, too.  Pinkie Pie promises her new friends she’ll fix the sprinkle problem.  

Pinkie Pie becomes an anti-sprinkle crusader.  Whether it’s protesting at Sugarcube Corner, destroying unlicensed sprinkle production facilities, or threatening to publish a list of Sprinkle sympathizers in the Ponyville Confidential, her movement continues to grow and grow.

On the day of her largest rally to date, Pinkie Pie bumps into Fluttershy and her now healed ocelot friend.  When Pinkie Pie starts sneezing again and there are no sprinkles in sight, she realizes she’s made a huge mistake.  She’s not allergic to sprinkles - just ocelots.  After having a single sprinkle, Pinkie Pie’s color returns and she reverts back to her old herself.  Back at Sugarcube Corner she gorges herself on sprinkles until one of her anti-sprinkle supporters shows up wondering why Pinkie missed the rally. 

Feeling terrible for letting the anti-sprinkle community down, Pinkie resolves to make it up to her new friends. She works through the night and in the morning calls the sprinkle allergy sufferers together for an announcement. In front of the crowd, Pinkie Pie happily announces that she and the Cake Family have come up with a new dessert alternative – the sprinkle-free “Spinkle!™”  Pinkie commits to providing the new sprinkle alternative option for all of her desserts because being a good friend means helping others find solutions to their problems even if it’s not a problem you share.

NOTE: This episode would've been the show's only Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy episode without featuring any of the other Mane Six whatsoever, if it had been approved. Either way, this episode did not even make it to the script report.

Mayor Discord

Written by: Neal Dusedau (November 12, 2014)

Twilight is excited to participate in the Ponyville Mayoral Election. Of course, she’s the only one – everypony else wonders what the point is. Mayor Mare is going to win, she always does, and nopony is running against her. Twilight insists that’s not the point. Everypony should take part in the process and even if Mayor Mare is running unopposed, there’s always the write-in. Twilight explains what a write-in vote is and in a game of telephone, news of the unfamiliar concept spreads like wild fire.

The day of the vote, mistakenly influenced by Twilight, everypony votes for themselves, except for Fluttershy, who thought Discord could use the ego boost of somepony else voting for him (though obviously she expects Mayor Mare to be re-elected). One big problem: Discord gets the most votes (two)! He’s sworn in as mayor! He’s making tons of changes to “better the town” and they’re all creating unintended problems (leaving Twilight to fix them). At the same time, Discord is finding out that there’s a lot to being mayor as the town starts to fall apart without proper leadership. But he refuses to give up his elected position. The ponies’ wanted him to lead and he’ll lead!

As much as Twilight wants to push Discord out with MAGIC, she realizes (with the help of the Mane 6) that since he was voted in, she’d be a tyrant if she forced him out of power. Thus, she comes up with a plan to drive him so crazy with menial Mayoral tasks that he resigns, thereby causing a new election that, this time, Mayor Mare wins by a landslide. And Mayor Mare is super happy because menial mayoral tasks are her specialty.

Mayor Discord was listed as #608 at the earliest on November 14, 2014. Neal Dusedau wrote the outline on December 17, then a beatsheet on January 13. Only two days later, on January 15, the episode got rejected, and was replaced by A Hearth's Warming Tail.

Wind Beneath My Wings/My Fair Pony

Written by: Liza Palmer (December 8, 2014) (NOTE: No episodes from this writer ever made it to the show)

Cheerilee introduces a new pony, Filly Keen, to the class, but most everypony finds her awkward demeanor off putting. Scootaloo takes to the earth pony when Filly announces her intention to fly like a princess. Scoot feels like she has plenty of incite to offer a pony who wants to fly but can’t. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom warn Scootaloo that Filly hasn’t asked for help, but Scootaloo presses on, determined to prove that Filly is a prime candidate for Cutie Mark Crusader intervention.

Scoot soon discovers that Filly only wants to fly because she thinks it will make her liked and admired and never feels awkward or out of place – like a princess. Scoot starts to tell Filly that ponies will come to like her for who she is, but gets distracted when she sees Filly’s workshop. Filly is a crazy-talented inventor and has built all kinds of things, including mechanical wings that work! Filly admits that she wants to fly for Twilight who will be visiting at the school’s upcoming Open House and Scootaloo agrees to help – thinking it will be a great opportunity to show off Filly’s incredible skills.

At the Open House, Scoot is excited for everyone to see what an amazing inventor Filly is, but when Filly shows up painted purple and wearing an over-the-top “Princess” outfit Scoot tries to intercede. Filly’s wings are incredible all by themselves, but Filly tells her the whole reason she made them was to be like Twilight. Now she’s Twilight Sparkle 2.0 and everyone will love her even more than the original model. But when Filly’s wings malfunction, it’s up to Scootaloo to save the day. Using one of Filly’s other inventions, Scoot hops on her scooter and brings the inventor pony back to earth. Devastated that her dream didn’t pan out, Filly decides to hang up her tools. Scootaloo insists that Filly has an amazing talent and needs to share with the world. Twilight points out that it was Filly’s invention and her friendship with Scootaloo that saved the day. Filly may never fly like a princess, but she doesn’t need to. With abilities like hers and friends to encourage them, there’s no limit to the future she can invent.

Initially planned to be #609, this episode was rejected on March 12, 2015, after the second draft was written. Its replacement, The Fault in Our Cutie Marks, was pushed back to #619.

Number Fish Fan

Written by: Josh Haber & Michael Vogel (January 20, 2015)

On a lark, Discord pops in on a meeting of a Princess Twilight Sparkle fan club and is surprised to discover that he has a fan of his own, SWEEPER MESS. Sweeper has eschewed friendship in favor of his Discord obsession and is beside himself at the opportunity to meet his idol, until he discovers that Discord is now reformed. Sweeper is a fan of O.G. Discord: God of Chaos, Wreaker of Wreckage, Deliverer of Disarray, Master of Muddles, etc., not this emasculated “Friend of Ponies.” At Sweeper’s urging he and Discord revisit the scenes of Discord’s greatest exploits while the Mane Six worry the trip down memory lane will stir within Discord a desire to return to his old ways. It looks like their concerns will bear out when Discord, in an effort to humor his new friend, starts acting like his old self—or as Sweeper calls it, “cool Discord.” Eventually, Twilight and the others discover what looks like a plot to plunge all of Equestria into chaos. But when they move to intercede it is revealed that it was all a plan (albeit a convoluted, Discordian one) on the part of Discord to teach Sweeper the value of friendship.

This episode was rejected only six days later, on January 26, 2015.

Gallop's Book of Pony Records

Written by: Nick Confalone (February 26, 2015)

Ponyville is abuzz when representatives from Gallop’s Book of Pony Records come to town. It’s the most prestigious record-keeping organization in Equestria (and the only record-keeping organization in Equestria, soooo). Obviously, thinks Rainbow Dash, if somepony has broken a record worthy of being in this magnificent book, it’s HER. But there must be some mistake, because the reps are here to certify Pinkie Pie’s NEW RECORD for “Most Cupcakes eaten while walking and singing at the same time.” (62 cupcakes, btw.) Aggravated by PP’s ridiculous record, Rainbow Dash becomes determined to set her OWN record, but every time the committee comes back to town, it’s to award PP for more and more ridiculous/obscure records—and it turns out she’s not even trying! Jealous, RD comes up with a plan: challenge Pinkie to a series of competitions and when Dash wins (which she obviously will) the committee will have no choice but to award the record to her. Unfortunately, one of the competitions leads Dash into the Everfree Forest, where she finds herself unexpectedly face to face with a Grootslang (half-elephant, half anaconda). Thankfully Pinkie arrives, ready to help! At first Dash refuses, but soon learns that her desire to be recognized has turned into a nasty case of envy. She’s sorry, and all is forgiven. In the end, they work together to escape and get back to Ponyville… to discover they’ve set a record TOGETHER, for “fastest escape from a Grootslang’s Cave by friends who have just learned a lesson about friendship, while singing.” (Spoiler Alert: there’s an “Escape From the Grootslang” song). Rainbow Dash is a bit flummoxed by the specificity of the record… but hey, she’ll take it!

This episode was rejected only four days later, on March 2.

I Know This Much is True

Written by: Liza Palmer (March 24, 2015)

When Apple Bloom gets caught in a lie, she protests that unlike Applejack she wasn’t born honest. Granny Smith laughs. Fiddlesticks! Applejack was NOT born honest – in fact, Applejack almost lost a true friend because of a lie. CUE 80s music. Flashback to Applejack (maybe with teased out 80s hair) back on the farm after returning from Manehattan. She commiserates with Granny and Big Mac (Apple Bloom is in a crib) about how awful Manehattan was and how relieved she is to be back home. Of course, now that she knows her place in the world, the only thing she’s missing is a friend.

The next day she is encouraged when Rarity takes a shine to her. It seems like their relationship might blossom into a real friendship until Rarity hears about Applejack’s recent trip. Rarity badgers Applejack for details about her time in the fashion capital of Equestria. But when Applejack tells her she had a terrible time, Rarity is disappointed. Worried that her new friendship might founder, Applejack starts making things up in an effort to keep Rarity interested. She explains that even though Manehattan wasn’t for her, she had a lot of exposure to the fashion scene, lying that “Her aunt and uncle are heavily involved.”

As Applejack makes up more stories about the Manehattan fashion scene, Rarity becomes more and more enthralled, eventually changing her designs to reflect Applejack’s made up “fashion trends.” Encouraged by her “consultations” with Applejack, Rarity packs up her designs and travels to the next town where a well-known Manehattan fashion designer is having a show. Applejack discovers Rarity’s plan and races off to stop her, but arrives too late to stop Rarity from making a fool of herself. In front of a small crowd, Applejack steps forward and confesses that she’s responsible, laying out all of her lies. Luckily, the fashion designer recognizes Rarity’s skill, even in the face of Applejack’s false information, and offers her encouragement. Even so, Rarity is hurt and betrayed until Applejack confesses that she only did it to get Rarity to like her. Rarity explains that she liked Applejack already. From then on, Applejack vows to never tell another lie again.

This episode was rejected only six days later, on March 30, 2015, and was replaced by Where the Apple Lies in April, with Rarity absent from the episode.

Life of Pie

Written by: Jennifer Skelly (April 9, 2015)

Sweetie Belle and Rarity help Pinkie Pie prep for a party in Pinkie’s secret party planning room. Sweetie Belle looks at Pinkie’s files and realizes that Pinkie is so good at throwing parties because she knows to collect info on everypony so she can throw any of them the perfect party. Pinkie explains that she didn’t always know to do that and starts to tell Sweetie Belle the story of how she learned. Flashback to Pinkie Pie (sporting 80s hair and leg warmers) as she leaves the Pie Family Rock Farm on a mission to throw parties for every pony she meets. In the Everfree Forest she runs into Fluttershy, communing with all of her newfound cuddly animal friends. Ecstatic, Pinkie jumps out ready throw the pegasus and her animal friends the biggest party the forest has ever seen! But the terrified animals all scatter and disappear into the overgrowth—Fluttershy scattering along with them.

Confused, Pinkie begins to doubt her party-throwing mission. She wanders into Ponyville, where she drowns her doubt in sweets at Sugarcube Corner. The Cakes offer her a place to stay while she figures things out and she starts to feel better. As a thank you, Pinkie throws them a party, but as grateful as the Cakes are, the party doesn’t really go over very well this time either. Determined to get it right, Pinkie starts to work her way through the town’s populace, but can’t seem to duplicate the success she had on the Rock Farm. Finally, Pinkie determines that what she thought was her destiny was just plain wrong and she runs off to live in the woods like that pegasus she met in Act One.

In the woods, Pinkie mopes around trying to make the best of things, building a shelter out of her now “useless” party supplies and eating stale birthday cake to survive. Miserable and alone, her sobs draw the attention of Fluttershy and her entourage of cuddly animals. They comfort her and help her feel better. Pinkie explains that she’d throw them a party as a thank you, but she tried that before and it didn’t go so well, plus she’s come to the realization that she’s terrible at it. As she explains the situation to Fluttershy we realize she’s been throwing the same party over and over again—that’s why it’s been unsuccessful. Fluttershy suggests she start catering her parties to the ponies she’s throwing them for. Pinkie has a eureka moment and immediately heads back into town where she quickly revisits everypony she threw parties for before, only this time adding elements specific to that pony—and every one of the new parties is a hit. Grateful, Pinkie heads back into the woods and finds Fluttershy. She throws an Intimate and Serene Thank You to Fluttershy and Her Woodland Friends Party, explaining that Fluttershy helped her figure out the missing peace to her mission: throwing PERSONALIZED parties for every pony she meets.

This episode replaced I Know This Much is True, only to be rejected five days later, on April 14, 2015, and was the last of the season to be scrapped.

Season 7

Ma and Pa Apple

Applebloom has a school assignment about family but doesn’t know what mom and dad were like?  Applejack and Big Mac have limited memories. Granny Smith says they should invite all of Ma and Pa apple’s old friends over to tell them stories about their parents.  We learn how they met, fell in love, stories of the trouble they used to get in when they were just a filly and a colt, how they helped ponies in ponyville and what incredible friends they were. Applejack and Applebloom and Big Mac had no idea how cool their parents were.  They realize as hard as it is to not have ma and pa anymore - as long as their stories are told, ma and pa live on in the hearts of all who loved them.

This episode appears in the first set of loglines from November 6, 2015.

A Royal Pain in the Map

Twilight gets called by the map to solve a friendship problem in Celestia’s castle. Twilight rushes over, thinking there’s a huge problem that needs to be solved, but she just finds Celestia and Luna being their normal (though a little more cordial) selves. Once Twilight is finally able to suss out that the friendship problem is actually between Luna and Celestia, she’s not sure how to fix it. It’s hard when Celestia and Luna are so used to being diplomatic and keeping up appearances that they won’t actually confront each other. Not to mention Twilight feels a little out of place settling a dispute between her higher ups. But eventually she gets them to confront each other.  Turns out the fight was over something small, (i.e. Luna used Celestia’s brush) but because of their complicated past, Celestia didn’t want to bring it up.  Luna says Celestia has to stop letting their past define their future relationship, and that if Celestia has problems with Luna she should just tell her about them.  Celestia majorly unloads on Luna who in turn unloads on Celestia,  Twilight thinks she has made everything infinitely worse by meddling, but to her surprise, the royal sisters end their fight by laughing at how ridiculous they’re being.  They thank Twilight for helping them air their grievances with each other.  Sometimes Princesses gotta vent too.

This episode appears in the first set of loglines from November 6, 2015.

Season 8

Parents' Day

It’s Parents Day at the School of Friendship, and the Mane Six prepare for the students’ families to visit and see what their learning. But apparently the invitation wasn’t clear, because the only parents that show up belong to the Mane Six!

This storyline was announced on September 26, 2016, and was listed as #810 as of August 24, 2016.

Season 9

Pinkie Pie's Dessert

Pinkie Pie invents a new dessert. It’s the talk of Ponyville, and everypony wants one. Rarity sees her chance to help her friend expand into a franchise, and she sets out to organize Pinkie and get her to be a business owner. The only problem is, Pinkie has moved on from that dessert, and wants to make new ones now. Rarity needs to learn that economic success isn’t everypony’s goal – for Pinkie Pie, success means living your creativity.

The episode was first planned on September 5, 2017, and was listed as #920. This would have resulted Pinkie Pie's third and final episode for Season 9, and her last one of the series. Unfortunately, Pinkie Pie's Dessert was canceled on November 17, 2017, thus resulting in A Trivial Pursuit to be Pinkie's official last episode of the series. It is also noted that Pinkie Pie's Dessert was the last episode plan to be canceled.

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