When a mysterious pony named Agent Furlong pays Bon Bon a visit, Lyra discovers that her best friend is actually an operative for a top secret monster-capturing league. To prove their friendship is forever, Lyra and Bon Bon will have to go undercover together and protect Equestria from the ongoing changeling threat.


  1. Hearts and Hooves
  2. By Task Force
  3. True Lyras
  4. The Hidequarters
  5. S.M.I.L.E.
  6. Mission Given
  7. Mares in Black
  8. Welcome to Appleloosa!
  9. The Update
  10. Farmer Apple Crispy's Farm
  11. Glowing for It
  12. It's Element-ary, Dear Bon Bon
  13. The Setup
  14. The Saddle Hawkins Square Dance
  15. The Deal

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