Pinkie Pie has always been a bit different from her very serious family. When she plans a Ponyville "rock" concert to support the family business, Pinkie's family doesn't like the idea. They just want her to be serious, for once. This is a real problem! Read along as Pinkie gets a little help from her friends in this original and brand-new adventure!


  1. Welcome, Spring-Sproing Springtime
  2. Pinkie's Party Ponies
  3. The Road Less Sparkled
  4. The Spring-Sproing-Spring Party!
  5. Between a Rock Farm and a Hard Place
  6. The Pink Sheep of the Family
  7. Pinkamena Serious Pie
  8. Pinkie-less Party Planning
  9. Perusing Ponyville
  10. A Visit to Sugarcube Corner
  11. The Pinkie Trap
  12. A Peace of Pie
  13. Pinkie Takes Action!
  14. Pinkie Pie in the Sky
  15. The Rockin' Ponypalooza Party!
  16. A Rockin' Success

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