When anypony asks Princess Celestia for help, she is more than happy to be of service. So when Duchess Diamond Waves says she is in desperate need of assistance, the wise leader of Equestria clears her schedule. Arriving at Monacolt Magic Academy, Celestia notices that her dear old friend seems to have lost her sparkle. Diamond Waves confides that her beautiful city by the sea is on the brink of disaster and, having failed their exams, none of her pupils are prepared for what lies ahead. Diamond Waves says her colts and fillies are lacking focus, but that doesn't seem to be the case. When Celestia meet her summer school students, she is shocked to be greeted by a class full of very serious colts and fillies. What can Princess Celestia do to bring the magic back to Monacolt?


  1. Sunrise Over Canterlot
  2. The Princesses of Equestria
  3. A Princess Abroad
  4. Well-Behaved Unicorns
  5. Lesson Number Fun
  6. The Key to Magic
  7. Out of the Bubble
  8. The Good News
  9. Making Waves
  10. A Letter from Home
  11. Nighttime Glass
  12. Failed Exams
  13. Attack on Monacolt
  14. Wave Good-Bye

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