Princess Luna, the guardian of the night, peacefully rules over Equestria alongside her big sister. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders suggest she should have a holiday as equally prestigious as Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration, she declines. Luna isn't comfortable with such attention--especially after all the terror she caused as Nightmare Moon. So when she realizes Celestia is orchestrating a surprise festival in her honor, she decides to have some fun and take matters into her own hooves. What's a princess of darkness to do?


  1. The Glorious Sun
  2. Royal Business
  3. An Unwelcome Visitor
  4. Princess in the Shadows
  5. News from Canterlot
  6. Guardian of the Night
  7. Ponyville's Big Secret
  8. Dreamwalking in a Winter Wonderland
  9. A Call to Ponyville
  10. The Tarax Hippo
  11. Royal We
  12. Dream Team
  13. Waking Up
  14. Of Great Importance
  15. The Festival of the Winter Moon
  16. A Lively Affair
  17. Luna in the Light

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