A new My Little Pony chapter book featuring your favorite unicorn pony and traveling magician, Trixie! An original story.

This is the first chapter book with the 2016 My Little Pony logo, which appeared on all My Little Pony books released beginning in January 2017. It is also the last chapter book of the main series, focusing on within the Mane Six, Discord, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, and Lyra and Bon Bon.

This book was originally set for release on February 9, 2016, but was delayed by one year. The cover was unveiled on December 13, 2016.


  1. A Grand Entrance (pages 1-14)
  2. Sleight of Hoof (pages 15-26)
  3. Tricks of the Trade (pages 27-34)
  4. A Razzle-Dazzle Rehearsal (pages 35-42)
  5. The Big Reveal (pages 43-52)
  6. The Glow Rush (pages 53-62)
  7. The Hoofi-Cure (pages 63-72)
  8. Follow the Yellow Trick Road (pages 73-82)
  9. Grim Prospects (pages 83-88)
  10. The Radiance Remedy (pages 89-96)
  11. Cloak and Swagger (pages 97-102)
  12. Torn and Restored (pages 103-112)
  13. The Starmane Society Ball (pages 113-116)

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