Twilight Sparkle is a very special Pony and a loyal apprentice of Princess Celestia. Twilight Sparkle's life has been turned upside down by recent exciting events in Ponyville, so she sets off for the Crystal Empire to get advice from her former foalsitter, Princess Cadance. Join Twilight Sparkle in this original and brand-new adventure!


  1. A Crown Achievement
  2. A Foal House
  3. Empire State of Mind
  4. A Tail to Tell
  5. A Gift Horse
  6. On a Scroll
  7. Brainstorming the Castle
  8. Gilda's Got Game
  9. A Head in the Clouds
  10. Drinking the Lily Pad Slime
  11. Rallying the Hoofs
  12. Crystal Clear
  13. PFF to the Rescue

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