This chapter book picks up where Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine leaves off and ties into the next Equestria Girls movie, where Twilight Sparkle from the human world and her school, Crystal Prep, the rival school of Canterlot High, compete together in the Friendship Games.

Every chapter except the next to last one has the word "Game" in the title.


  1. A Whole New Ball Game (Page 1)
  2. The Name of the Game (Page 11)
  3. The Only Game in Town (Page 15)
  4. Game Plan (Page 23)
  5. She's Got Game (Page 35)
  6. A Losing Game (Page 49)
  7. Fun and Games (Page 57)
  8. Two Can Play at That Game (Page 63)
  9. Ahead of the Game (Page 71)
  10. Game Changer (Page 81)
  11. At the Top of Her Game (Page 89)
  12. Let the Games Begin! (Page 103)
  13. Playing Games (Page 111)
  14. Game's Up (Page 119)
  15. Back in the Game (Page 125)
  16. Fair Game? (Page 141)
  17. Endgame (Page 155)
  18. Stop the Games! (Page 165)
  19. Everyone's a Winner (Page 175)
  20. Life After the Games (Page 183)

Differences between the novel and the film

  • Midnight Sparkle's name is mentioned in the narration of the novel, but neither her name nor Daydream Shimmer's name are mentioned in the film.

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