A brand-new adventure awaits our Equestria Girls at Camp Everfree and you can read all about it in this exciting chapter book!

Camp Everfree is in danger of closing down! It's up to our Equestria Girls and their newfound super abilities to throw a Crystal Gala fundraiser to show their support and help save the camp!


  1. A Midnight Nightmare
  2. Bus-ride Daydreams
  3. Sunny with Scattered Clouds
  4. Magic Gets Off the Ground
  5. Down at the Docks
  6. Campfire After Dark
  7. Spooky Stories
  8. The Mysterious Case of the Crash Landing
  9. All Alone in the Wood
  10. A Natural Nature Guide
  11. Magical Mayhem!
  12. Hiking After Sundown
  13. Sparks in the Dark
  14. A Superpowered Afternoon!
  15. Flash Forward
  16. On the Mystery Trail
  17. Out-of-Control Geodes
  18. A Fashion Show Fiasco
  19. A Thorny Problem
  20. Embrace the Magic!
  21. A Crystal Ball

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