The sequel to the first book, Through the Mirror, and based on the Rainbow Rocks animated short films.


  1. The Ponies in the Band
  2. Guitar Centered
  3. Dueling Guitars
  4. Springtime's Soundtrack
  5. The Case of the Missing Bass
  6. Rock-and-Roll Hall of Shame!
  7. Jam Session
  8. A Walk on the Wild Side
  9. The Pied Piper of Hamsters
  10. Pinkie on the One
  11. Drumroll, Please!
  12. Snared!
  13. Player Piano
  14. Keyboard Magic
  15. School of Rock
  16. Music to Our Ears!
  17. Dancing Room Only!

Differences between the novel and the animated shorts

  • In the novel version of Guitar Centered, Trixie's "prize" guitar costs $1,200, 10 times less than in the animated short itself.
  • In the novel version of Perfect Day for Fun, Twilight isn't with her friends in the carnival.
  • Over the fact that the animated shorts all together are not more than 20 minutes long, there is a lot more dialogue in the novel.

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