The third exciting adventure in the Equestria Girls series! The girls rock a new story about friendship at Canterlot High. The follow-up to Through the Mirror and Rainbow Rocks. Includes 14 pages of activities!


  1. All the Wrong Notes (Page 1)
  2. Pitch-Perfect Ponies (Page 7)
  3. Sunset Shimmer's Blues (Page 13)
  4. Music to Their Ears (and Tails!) (Page 23)
  5. Out of Sync (Page 37)
  6. Devilish Divas (Page 45)
  7. Facing the Music (Page 55)
  8. In the Key of Princess (Page 67)
  9. Rainbow Road Trip (Page 79)
  10. Reunion Rhythms (Page 87)
  11. The Band to Beat (Page 101)
  12. Pajama Jam (Page 109)
  13. Princess in Peril (Page 121)
  14. Backstage Backbiting (Page 129)
  15. Friendship Unplugged (Page 149)
  16. Star Power (Page 157)
  17. Dis-chords (Page 171)
  18. Off the Charts (and under the Stage) (Page 175)
  19. A Rainbow Reunion (Page 187)
  20. Battle of the Bands (Page 197)
  21. Curtain Calls (Page 205)
  22. Rave Reviews for the Rainbooms! (Page 211)

Differences between the novel and the film

  • Sweetie Belle has one speaking line in the novel, whereas in the film, she has none.
  • Sunset Shimmer removes the Dazzlings' pendants in the novel, whereas in the film, a magic Alicorn destroys them.
  • We don't see the epilogue with the human world's Twilight Sparkle and her pet dog Spike in the novel.

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