Picking up where Equestria Girls: The Friendship Games leaves off, this original story follows Twilight Sparkle as she leaves Crystal Prep Academy behind for her new school, Canterlot High.


  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Prologue)
  2. Brand-New Buddies
  3. Matching Mates
  4. Ready or Not, Here They Come!
  5. The Pony Posse
  6. Sixteen Signs You've Found Your Best Friend for Life
  7. Spike to the Rescue
  8. Pairing Up
  9. Cheering Chums
  10. Best Friends Forever
  11. Pamper Your Pals
  12. A Cranky Crew
  13. Truth Trouble
  14. You Gotta Have Friends
  15. Getting to Know You
  16. The Magic of Friendship
  17. No One Gets Left Out (Epilogue)

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