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Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library

The National Captioning Institute was established in 1979. Although it was the nation's second closed captioning organization in North America, after The Caption Center, it was the first to caption regularly scheduled broadcasts of live television and select home video titles since March 16, 1980.

For every program closed-captioned by the National Captioning Institute, the show opens with a pop-up caption saying "Captioning made possible by (the name of the company that distributed the program)", which appears again at the end, followed by the main text logo. Until 1996, the words "Captions Copyright (year of publication)" and the name of the corporation that distributed the closed-captioned program or film were also seen at the end.


NCI 1980.png


The early variant of the National Captioning Institute's in-text logo was seen at the end of very early closed-captioned programs in the early 1980s.


NCI 1982.png

The standard 1982 variant of the logo began in use and quickly became a lot more common than the early variant since later in the 1980s. This variant was commonly seen on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood since 1988, and last appeared on the first 11 episodes of Pokémon, which reran on Kids' WB from May to July 1999, following 12 episodes that premiered there (The Problem with Paras to The Breeding Center Secret).

Major film studios Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros., Columbia and 20th Century Fox began releasing their films on VHS with closed captions starting in 1984.

In late 1997, closed captioning streams for some programs such as Barney & Friends (1992-1993 episodes), Kidsongs (1995 episodes) and All That (1995-1996 episodes) were modified before going on the air. Most other programs, however, like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, remained with their original closed captions.


NCI 1999.png

After the organization's website launched online in the summer of 1999, this logo appeared at the end of every program and film closed captioned by that company since then. Programs from the 2000s decade, including most re-releases, with NCI closed captioning also contain this logo.

Programs and movies closed-captioned at least once by NCI

TV Shows


After 2005, the NCI quietly discontinued closed captioning of motion pictures on DVD.