Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library
Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library

New Line Cinema was founded in 1967 by Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne. Today, the film studio is owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc..


On current DVD prints of New Line Cinema titles, the logo might be replaced by the 1994 NLC logo, although older VHS prints might still have this one. It may appear on movies such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trilogy. The logo also appears on the trailer for The Mask (if you have the test marketing print from 1997), which was the first film to use the next logo shown below. The "home video" variant ended early in 1995.


Not hard to find. It will appear on films distributed by New Line Cinema from July 29, 1994, starting with The Mask. Of course, depending on the release date of the VHS or DVD, the byline will be different.

As of 2010, all New Line Cinema films are released as Warner Bros. and Warner Home Video titles.


This logo is currently in use on all Blu-ray Disc releases of New Line Cinema films, including the December 2008 Blu-ray Disc release of The Mask (1994).