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Pocahontas was released on VHS as part of the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection on February 28, 1996, with the first copies produced in December 1995. In its first week, 17 million copies of the VHS were sold in North America. The video was discontinued in 1997, but was re-released as part of a 2-pack with The Aristocats or James and the Giant Peach that year for a very limited time.[1]


Disney's most beautifully animated masterpiece boldly brings to life a fun-filled adventure of hope, courage, and friendship. True to the spirit of every Disney classic, Pocahontas became the #1 family film of the year -- bursting with "all the colors of the wind"! Along Virginia's lush tidewaters, Pocahontas, the free-spirited young daughter of Chief Powhatan, wonders what adventures await "just around the riverbend." In sails the gold-loving Governor Ratcliffe, with his pampered pug Percy and a shipful of English settlers -- led by their courageous captain, John Smith. Joined by her playful pals Meeko, a mischievous raccoon, and feisty hummingbird, Flit, Pocahontas relies on the lively wisdom of Grandmother Willow. A chance meeting with Captain Smith leads to a friendship that will change history, as the Native Americans and English settlers learn to live side by side. Featuring a #1 hit soundtrack that teams Academy Award(R)-winning composer Alan Menken with Broadway veteran Stephen Schwartz -- and an all-star voice cast -- Pocahontas surrounds you with the riches of "another glowing winner in Disney's animated hit parade!"

VHS Supplements

Video Creation date
1 Green warning screens (1991-1997) September 7, 1991
2 Promo for Walt Disney World February 28, 1996
3 Sneak peek at The Hunchback of Notre Dame November 22, 1995
4 Video preview for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh February 28, 1996
5 Video preview for The Aristocats (Version 2) February 28, 1996
6 Video preview for Aladdin and the King of Thieves January 9, 1996
7 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection promo February 28, 1996
8 Promo for Disney's Animated Storybook: Pocahontas February 28, 1996
9 "Feature Presentation" (1992-1999) April 10, 1992
10 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo (1994-1999) October 28, 1994
11 Full Screen Format Disclaimer (1994-2000) January 22, 1994
12 Pocahontas June 23, 1995

Few rare copies of this video contain the 1989 Walt Disney Classics logo in place of the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo.

In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
United Kingdom April 29, 1996
Brazil April 1996
South Korea July 15, 1996
Japan September 13, 1996
Australia October 3, 1996
Italy October 1996
France 1996
Spain 1996
Portugal 1996
Germany 1996
Poland 1996
Netherland 1996
Greece 1996




Pocahontas - 1995 Theatrical Trailer


Pocahontas VHS Preview (1996)