#1 (Bye, Bye, Butterfree)

Trouble's in the air! It looks like Team Rocket may pull off their evil scheme this time -- stealing the Butterfree as they cross the ocean. Can Ash's Butterfree save them? And can Ash help Butterfree, even if that means saying good-bye to his good friend?

#2 (Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon)

What happens when Ash and his Pokemon find themselves trapped in a dark cave with Team Rocket -- and some fierce Pokemon that are supposed to be extinct? Only one thing is certain -- Pikachu and Charmander must take their powers further than ever before!

#3 (Electric Shock Showdown)

Ash has challenged Lieutenant Surge for a thunderbadge. But can Pikachu beat Surge's powerful Raichu -- without evolving? How far will Ash and Pikachu go for a high-voltage victory? They'll need to choose a strategy they won't regret...for a battle they'll never forget!

#4 (A Shipful of Shivers)

The search for a stolen Orange Island League trophy takes Ash and his friends to a creepy deserted ship. But they forget all about the trophy when Togepi disappears through a hole in the deck. Will Togepi be all right? Where has the trophy gone? And are those ghosts down below or just Team Rocket trying to scare up some trouble? It's a ghastly ghostly time on the Shipful of Shivers!


  • In the "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon" book, Charmeleon is mistaken for a Charmander.


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