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Based on the British series of Thomas & Friends, it's an American spin-off that takes place in a train station on the Indian Valley Railroad. In each episode, Mr. Conductor tells one or two Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends stories to the kids at Shining Time Station, and we get to listen to a song from the Juke Box Band.


Character's name Portrayed by Sonic counterpart(s) MLP counterpart
Mr. Conductor #1 Ringo Starr Shadow Shining Armor
Mr. Conductor #2 George Carlin Sonic Spike
Stacy Jones Didi Conn Amy Rose Princess Cadance
Horace Schemer Brian O'Connor Knuckles Pinkie Pie
Harry Cupper Leonard Jackson Chuck Big McIntosh
Billy Twofeathers Tom Jackson Big the Cat Applejack
Matt Jason Woliner Chris Scootaloo
Tanya Nicole Leach Cream Twilight Sparkle
Dan Ari Magder Tails Fluttershy
Kara Erica Luttrell Frances Rarity
Becky Danielle Marcot Helen Rainbow Dash
J.B. King Mart Hulswit King Acorn Princess Celestia
  • Wayne White
  • Alan Semok
  • Rory Dodd
Rex Craig Marin Espio
Tito Jonathan Freeman Charmy
Didi Olga Marin Vanilla
Grace the Bass
  • Peter Baird
  • Vaneese Thomas
  • Beverly Glenn
Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin George Carlin
  • Scourge
  • Dr. Eggman
Buster the Bully Ira Glasner
  • Miles Prower
  • Snively
Vickie Rachel Miner Rosy the Rascal Sunset Shimmer
Midge Smoot Bobo Lewis Breezie

List of episodes

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Broadcast history

Channel aired Broadcast run
PBS.png January 29, 1989–June 11, 1998
Fox Family Channel.png August 17, 1998–September 3, 1999
Nick Jr..png June 5, 2000–August 11, 2000

Shining Time Station only aired on Nick Jr. to promote the theatrical release of a feature-length film called "Thomas and the Magic Railroad", starring new characters such as Diesel 10, the main antagonist of the film; Lady, a female Victorian steam engine that Thomas befriends; a new Mr. Conductor, played by Alec Baldwin; Junior, Mr. Conductor's cousin; Lily Stone, Burnett Stone, Patch, and two returning characters -- Stacy Jones and Billy Twofeathers.

After September 3, 1999, Shining Time Station was replaced by Storytime with Thomas for almost a year on Fox Family Channel. After that, Shining Time Station was broadcast weekdays at 11:00 a.m. on Nick Jr. during the summer of 2000 for 10 weeks, before it was replaced by the premiere of Dora the Explorer; afterwards, Thomas & Friends has now been all by itself.

Home video releases

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