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As announced via YouTube and many DVDs since February 19, 2014, Sleeping Beauty was re-released on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and for the first time for digital download in October 2014 as the 10th Diamond Edition title from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.


Fall under the glorious spell of Disney's Ultimate Princess Fairy Tale! The magic is real as you experience all the pageantry and power on Blu-ray -- and for the first time ever on Digital HD -- with incredible high-definition picture and thrilling, soaring sound!

Beauty, wonder and adventure spin together in a grand legend that transcends time as Maleficent, one of animation's most spectacular villains, sends the kingdom's beloved Princess Aurora into an enchanted sleep. In a majestic story that awakens all your senses, Good Fairies arm brave Prince Phillip to defeat a fearsome fire-breathing dragon and rescue Aurora. But success in battle may not be enough, for the only way to awaken the Princess is with True Love's kiss!

Create memories that will last a lifetime with Disney's illustrious Sleeping Beauty -- a must-own for every family's classic collection!


  • 3 Deleted Scenes

Blu-ray Disc only:

  • Disney Animation: Artists In Motion - Extended Edition
  • Once Upon A Parade - Join Sarah Hyland From ABC's Modern Family As She Tells Us The Tale Of Walt Disney World's New Festival Of Fantasy Parade.
  • Beauty-Oke - Sing-Along
  • Picture Perfect: The Making Of Sleeping Beauty
  • Eyvind Earle: A Man And His Art

In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
Japan July 2, 2014
United Kingdom June 2, 2014
Australia August 13, 2014
Argentina October 8, 2014
Hungary September 3, 2014
France September 24, 2014
Italy September 24, 2014
Brazil September 24, 2014
Denmark September 26, 2014
Greece September 8, 2014
Mexico September 26, 2014
Chile October 8, 2014
Spain June 11, 2014
Netherlands June 9, 2014
Belgium June 9, 2014
Finland September 26, 2014
Sweden September 22, 2014
Luxembourg June 9, 2014
Norway September 24, 2014
Germany September 11, 2014
Ukraine October 7, 2014
Portugal June 11, 2014
Russia October 7, 2014
Poland November 21, 2014
Czech Republic October 15, 2014




Sleeping Beauty - Diamond Edition Trailer

The Sleeping Beauty: Diamond Edition trailer, as seen on The Jungle Book, Frozen, Seasons 1-4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Muppets Most Wanted.