Buckle up, and we're talking 5-point harness. Sonic the Hedgehog will propel your Dreamcast into warp-speed 3D adventure. Want Rings? Want Chaos Emeralds? You want Insane Graphics, Huge Levels, Puzzles, Hidden Mini-Games, Multiple Playable Characters and more? Oh, Yeah! It's got it all.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese ソニックアドベンチャー

Release Dates

August 22, 1998 Unveiled
December 23, 1998 Original Japanese version
September 8, 1999 Prima's Official Strategy Guide
September 9, 1999 U.S. version
October 14, 1999 PAL version
June 18, 2003 U.S. version (GameCube)
June 19, 2003 Japanese version (GameCube)
June 27, 2003 PAL version (GameCube)


The album Sonic Adventure: Songs With Attitude was released in Audio CD format on December 2, 1998. It has six songs:

  1. "It Doesn't Matter" (Theme of Sonic) (4:28) - Tony Harnell
  2. "My Sweet Passion" (Theme of Amy) (5:10) - Nikki Gregoroff
  3. "Lazy Days - Livin' in Paradise" (Theme of Big) (4:03) - Ted Poley
  4. "Believe in Myself" (Theme of Tails) (3:53) - Karen Brake
  5. "Unknown from M.E" (Theme of Knuckles) (4:31) - Marlon Saunders, Dread Fox
  6. "Open Your Heart" (Main Theme of Sonic Adventure) (5:15) - Crush 40


Original Dreamcast version:

Sonic Adventure DX - Director's Cut:


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