Here he comes, straight from his high-speed Sonic 2 adventure! Headstrong Sonic The Hedgehog and his feisty friend Tails blast into hyperspeed to save the Chaos Emeralds. If evil Dr. Robotnik snatches the Emeralds first, he'll make a Super Bomb! Could this be the end?

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese ソニック&テイルス Sonic & Tails

Release Dates

Console Country of origin Date
Sega Master System UK October 25, 1993
Sega Game Gear Japan November 19, 1993
Sega Game Gear USA November 23, 1993
Sega Game Gear UK November 1993
Nintendo Wii USA February 2, 2009
Nintendo Wii UK February 6, 2009
Nintendo Wii Japan March 17, 2009



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