Sonic and Tails are back with three times the fun and three times the trouble! Dr. Robotnik is building the ultimate super-weapon with the help of Knuckles, but you can stop him by getting the Chaos Emeralds first. Rip across snow and water on Sonic's new jet skateboard or zip underwater in Tails' "Sea Fox". But look out -- Nack the Weasel is after the Emeralds, too!

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese ソニック&テイルス2 Sonic & Tails 2

Release timeline

Console Country of origin Date
Sega Game Gear USA October 15, 1994
Sega Game Gear Japan November 11, 1994
Sega Game Gear UK November 1994
Nintendo 3DS Japan March 14, 2012
Nintendo 3DS USA March 15, 2012
Nintendo 3DS UK March 29, 2012



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