Two classics, one pak! Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Bros., together in one Game Pak -- and on Game Boy Advance, they're better than ever! There's all of the running, jumping, jumping, and veggie flinging that made NES Super Mario Bros. 2 a smash hit, plus new enemies and bigger items. And in the updated arcade classic Mario Bros., you can work together or have a brawl bumping off baddies and collecting coins. It all adds up to advanced Mario mayhem!

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese スーパーマリオアドバンス

Release Dates

January 16, 2001 Unveiled
March 21, 2001 Original Japanese version
June 11, 2001 U.S. version
June 22, 2001 PAL version
July 16, 2014 Nintendo eShop (Japan)
November 6, 2014 Nintendo eShop

Version differences

Here's some things you'll see in this game but not in the original or in Super Mario All-Stars:

  1. There is no title screen for the Super Mario Bros. 2 game.
  2. The character models on the Select screen are different.
  3. You can now get Heart Radishes. Hearts also appear immediately on occaisons.
  4. The background music for inside vases is different.
  5. There are bigger Shyguys and Ninjis.
  6. Big Vegetables can be found in some levels.
  7. Robirdo is now the boss of World 3. The second Mouser moves to World 6, replacing the second Tryclyde.
  8. Ace Coins are now introduced. There are 5 in each level to collect.
  9. After 7-2, you get to play an extra "Yoshi's Challenge", where you obtain two large eggs in Subspace.
  10. Voices are added for every character.
  11. A statusline is now available in Super Mario Bros. 2.
  12. In the Mario Bros. arcade game, the phases are slightly different. Also, Mario can move like he does in SMB2.




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