Mario's back! Bigger and badder than ever before! This time it's a fierce action-packed battle that is both fun and challenging! It's up to you, along with Mario and Luigi to fight your way through newly designed levels. But beware! Blowing winds will blow you all around, adding that extra challenge you've been looking for! Hit blocks and find power-ups, but this time some power-ups will hurt you! Only running and speed can save you now...

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese スーパーマリオブラザーズ2

Release timeline

Console Country of origin Date
Famicom Disk System Japan June 3, 1986
Game Boy Advance Japan August 10, 2004
Wii Japan May 1, 2007
Wii UK September 14, 2007
Wii USA October 1, 2007
Nintendo 3DS Japan July 25, 2012
Nintendo 3DS USA December 27, 2012
Wii U Japan August 8, 2013
Wii U UK January 23, 2014
Wii U USA March 13, 2014






Nintendo eShop - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels for the Wii U Virtual Console

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