The first six videos of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show were released in 1989 by Kids Klassics. Early videos contained two live action segments and one animated episode. The next three videos after the first six were released in 1990. These videos contained one live action segment and three animated episodes. The last three videos were released in 1991, and these videos had four animated episodes and no live action segments. There were also two VHS tapes that are only available through a mail-in-offer with Nestle Quik. These VHS tapes that you can only get from Nestle Quik back in 1989 are The Bird The Bird and Pirates Of The Koopa. They are followed in the same format as the 1989 VHS releases mentioned above.


Vol. 1: Mario's Magic Carpet

  • Bonkers From Yonkers
  • Mario's Magic Carpet
  • Marianne and Luigeena

Vol. 2: Mario Meets Koopzilla

  • Fortune Teller
  • Mario Meets Koop-Zilla
  • Heart Throb

Vol. 3: King Mario of Cramalot

  • Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!
  • King Mario of Cramalot
  • Day of the Orphan

Vol. 4: The Great Gladiator Gig

  • Wild Thing
  • The Great Gladiator Gig
  • Cher's Poochie

Vol. 5: Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid

  • All Steamed Up
  • Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid
  • Magic

Vol. 6: The Great BMX Race

  • Mama Mia Mario
  • The Great BMX Race
  • Dance

Vol. 7: Koopa Claus

  • Santa Claus is Coming to Flatbush
  • Koopa Klaus
  • Stars in Their Eyes
  • Too Hot to Handle

Vol. 8: Count Koopula

  • Vampire Until Ready
  • Count Koopula
  • Koopenstein
  • Robo Koopa

Vol. 9: Princess, I Shrunk the Marios

  • Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes
  • Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Bros.
  • Rollin' Down the River
  • Brooklyn Bound

Vol. 10: Hooded Robin Plus Other Stories

  • Hooded Robin And His Mario Men
  • Plumbers Academy
  • Quest for Pizza
  • Escape From Koopatraz

Vol. 11: Two Plumbers and a Baby

  • Two Plumbers and a Baby
  • On Her Majesty's Sewer Service
  • The Great Gold Coin Rush
  • Flatbush Koopa

Vol. 12: Robo Koopa

  • Robo Koopa
  • Bad Rap
  • Karate Koopa
  • The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming!


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