Mario returns in this incredible new role-playing adventure! His latest rival is Smithy, a menacing creature who causes fear and treachery in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario must recover seven stars and repair the Star Road before he can make his way to Bowser’s castle for a final confrontation with Smithy. Powerful weapons, sinister spells and other useful items help Mario to complete his harrowing journey. New friends and old allies support him along the way. Even Bowser lends a hand!

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese スーパーマリオRPG
Korean 슈퍼 마리오 RPG

Release timeline

Console Country of origin Date
Super NES Japan March 9, 1996
Super NES USA May 13, 1996
Super NES South Korea 1996
Wii Japan June 24, 2008
Wii UK August 22, 2008
Wii USA September 1, 2008


Disc 1

Sequence Title Level(s) used Original MIDI Release Date
1 Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure Title screen
2 Let's Try File Select screen
3 In the Flower Garden
4 Bowser's Castle (First Time) Bowser's Keep April 4, 1999
5 Fight Against Bowser
6 The Sword Descends and the Stars Scatter
7 Super Pipe House Mario's Pad
8 Where Am I Going? World Map
9 The Road Is Full of Dangers
  • Mushroom Way
  • Rose Way
  • Booster Pass
  • Land's End
10 Fight Against Monsters
11 Victory!!
12 Hello, Happy Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom
13 Explanation!
14 A New Partner
15 Still, the Road Is Full of Dangers
  • Bandit's Way
  • Bean Valley
16 Invincible Star
17 Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster
18 Here's Some Weapons!
  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Rose Town
  • Seaside Town
19 Fight Against an Armed Boss
20 Got a Star Piece
21 The Dungeon Is Full of Monsters
  • Kero Sewers
  • Sea
22 Let's Go Down the Wine River Midas River
23 Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles Tadpole Pond
24 Shock!
25 Sad Song
26 Let's Play "Geno"
27 Geno Awakens
28 Beware the Forest's Mushrooms Forest Maze
29 Rose Town Rose Town
30 From Inside the Earthen Pipe Pipe Vault
31 Welcome! Yo'ster Island!! Yo'ster Isle
32 Let's Race Yo'ster Isle
33 Hard-Working Moles Are Good Moles Moleville
34 Docaty Mountain Railroad Moleville (Mine Cart Ride)
35 Welcome to Bukki Tower Booster's Tower
36 And My Name's Bukki Booster's Tower
37 Long Long Ago... Booster's Tower (SMB1 Theme Remix)
38 Heart Beating a Little Faster
39 Slope Booster Hill

Disc 2

Sequence Title Level(s) used Original MIDI Release Date
40 The Merry Mary Bell Rings Marrymore
41 Celebrational Marrymore
42 The Starlight's Flower Star Hill
43 Sunken Ship Sunken Ship
44 Going Shopping in Ripple Town Seaside Town
45 My Paradise -Monstro Town- Monstro Town
46 Fight Against Culex Monstro Town
47 Victory Over Culex Monstro Town October 12, 1997
48 Conversation with Culex Monstro Town
49 You and Toadofski Create Exquisite Music
50 Let's do the Fooka-Fooka! (Fluff Fluff) Nimbus Land
51 Margarie Margarita Nimbus Land
52 Dodo's Coming!!
53 Barrel Volcano Barrel Volcano
54 The Axem Rangers Drop In Barrel Volcano
55 Bowser's Keep (Second Time) Bowser's Keep
56 Weapons Factory Smithy Factory
57 Fight Against Smithy
58 Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming April 4, 1999
59 Goodbye Geno/Seeking Dreams Through the Window of the Stars
60 Happy Parade, Delightful Parade/And the Parade Draws to a Close...
61 The End!

Regional differences

Of the following facts, these show what is different in the Japanese version of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

  1. King Bowser and Princess Toadstool's names address them as "Koopa" and "Peach".
  2. The Y/X/B/A Button colors are different.
  3. Geno's real name's symbols are also different.
  4. Bowser's "win pose" was changed.
  5. Mario can find Princess Toadstool's "XXX" in the Japanese version.



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