Swarm of the Century is the 10th episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Parasprites, furry little multiplying creatures, descend upon Ponyville and begin to devour everything and it's up to the ponies to find a solution.


This episode started off as "Pied Piper Pinkie" on November 9, 2009. An extended outline was written on December 9, 2009 by M.A. Larson, when the episode was officially titled "Swarm of the Century". Larson wrote the first full script on January 6, 2010, and made revisions to it from January 13–21. Voice recording began on March 1.

The first animatic was submitted for review on June 1, 2010.

The first fully animated version was submitted for review on September 7, 2010.

The musical score was added to the episode on October 6, 2010.

Production was officially complete on November 10, 2010.


This episode features the following characters:

Main characters
01 - Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle
02 - Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie
03 - Fluttershy
04 - Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash
05 - Rarity
06 - Applejack
07 - Spike
Other characters
11 - Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia

Home media

DVDs with this episode:

Adventures in Ponyville
(October 2011)
Mylittlepony season1
Season One
(December 4, 2012)
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