This book contains everything you need to know about Seasons 4-6 of the hit TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Also includes lyrics for new songs and descriptions of new characters.

Table of Contents


The story of the Mane Six, as explained in the first two episodes from Season 1.

The Mane Six and Spike

Meet the stars of My Little Pony and their Dragon friend, Spike, featuring timelines of your favorite characters' lives. Pages 1–18.

Equestrian Royalty

Highlighting the movers and shakers of Equestria. Pages 19–24.

Family Matters

Everypony has some kind of family -- see some branches of Equestrian family trees. Pages 25–32.

Pony Pals & Animal Allies

Twilight Sparkle can't do everything in Equestria -- meet the cast that steals the show! Pages 33–38.

Citizens of Equestria

A who's who in Ponyville and beyond. Pages 39–50.

Malevolent Mischief-Makers

The bad guys get their due... Pages 51–56.

Reformed Rascals

...and some of the former bad guys share the spotlight, too. Pages 57–60.

Around Equestria

A look at some of the exotic locales that make up Princess Twilight Sparkle and friends' homeland. Pages 61–74.

Tales from Equestria

Summaries of each episode of the show, including friendship lessons and lyrics to the biggest musical hits.

  • Season 4: Princess Twilight Sparkle has become an Alicorn, but is having some trouble adjusting to her new role. Meanwhile, she and her best friends search for keys to open a mysterious chest. Twilight becomes the Princess of Friendship. Pages 75–129.
  • Season 5: The Princess of Friendship gets a castle of her own, and her friends discover a Cutie Map in her library, which shows them friendship problems across Equestria only they can solve. The group meets Starlight Glimmer, a special Unicorn with special issues. Pages 130–181.
  • Season 6: The arrival of Princess Flurry Heart -- the first Alicorn birth Equestria has ever seen -- brings Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane Six to the Crystal Empire, and from there they explore more of Equestria at the behest of the Cutie Map. Back in Ponyville, the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks and dedicate themselves to their calling. Pages 182–233.
  • Song lyrics are on pages 234–241.

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