The Lorax was released on Blu-ray Disc on February 14, 2012, alongside Pontoffel Pock and His Magic Piano.


In a place where the Brown Bar-ba-loots frisk about and the Humming-Fish splash around, you will find the Lorax. The Lorax speaks for the trees, which the Once-ler is chopping down as fast as he pleases. Will the Once-ler change his destructive ways and heed the wise warnings of the Lorax? With the help of a young boy and the very last Truffula Tree seed, the Once-ler may still be able to right his wrongdoings. Share in this newly remastered Dr. Seuss tale that teaches us all to appreciate and respect the world we live in!

Special Features

  • The Lorax: The Trees! The Trees! The Voice of the Trees Featurette
  • Two Dr. Seuss Animated Stories: Pontoffel Pock & His Magic Piano, and Butter Battle Book
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