Imagine a cyclone, a Tex Avery cartoon come to life, a zoot-suit fashionista and the wiggy energy of a vat of jumping beans and that still doesn't capture Jim Carrey's comic genius as Stanley Ipkiss, a repressed clerk who goes from zero to hero when he dons The Mask. The mysterious mask Stanley finds allows him to do what he normally can't -- like woo Tina (debuting Cameron Diaz) and beat baddies. Beneath all the loopy fun is the film's heart: Does Stanley really need the mask to be the person he long to be? Flat-out smokin'!

Chapter Index

  1. Main Titles/The Nicest Guy
  2. Tina Carlyle
  3. The Loaner
  4. Congo Bongo Club
  5. The Mask
  6. A Big Nothing
  7. Smokin'!
  8. Next Morning
  9. Peggy Brandt
  10. Golf Practice
  11. Somebody Stop Me
  12. Baby, Ain't I Good to You
  13. Rock This Joint
  14. Award Winning
  15. Kellaway
  16. 50 Grand
  17. Loki
  18. Landfill Park
  19. Cuban Pete
  20. What a Rush!
  21. Love-Crazy Wild Man
  22. Milo to the Rescue
  23. Casino Night
  24. Milo and the Mask
  25. Spicy Meatball
  26. Smokin'!/End Credits

Special features

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Feature Commentaries with Director Chuck Russell, Bob Shaye, Writer Mike Werb, Executive Producer Mike Richardson, Producer Bob Engelman, VFX Supervisor Scott Squires, Animation Supervisor Tom Bertino, and Cinematographer John Leonetti
  • Documentaries
  • Theatrical Trailer (1:57)
  • More from New Line (7:48)

The two deleted scenes are "Alternate Opening" (1:44) and "The Death of Peggy" (1:59). Both scenes are remastered into anamorphic widescreen with a much higher picture quality and 5.1 surround sound, and they each have their own audio commentary from the film's director.

There are two audio commentaries for the film itself -- one is from the original 1997 DVD (recorded in 1996), while the other stars eight people -- director Chuck Russell, co-chairman Bob Shaye, writer Mike Werb, executive producer Mike Richardson, producer Bob Engelman, ILM VFX supervisor Scott Squires, animation supervisor Tom Bertino, and cinematographer John Leonetti.


  • Return to Edge City (27:14)
  • Introducing Cameron Diaz (13:16)
  • Cartoon Logic (13:41)
  • What Makes Fido Run (10:50)

The three trailers that will play when you click on "More from New Line" are for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Elf (2003), and Raise Your Voice.


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