Starting in November 1982, many certain videos released with stock numbers as of "074" now had a 5-minute "Walt Disney and You" promo after the movie. The lineup at the end of this promo consists of titles that were released before 1982. One example was The Three Caballeros.

At the end of the Walt Disney and You promo, you would briefly see the animation of the 1978 Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo. It would stop just as about half the "Neon Mickey" turns from blue to purple. Another logo, with the Sorcerer Mickey to the left and the words "The magic lives on... Walt Disney Home Video", would zoom in.


Donald celebrates his birthday with his friends from the south of the border and hits a piñata in a comic sequence thats both beautiful and funny. He then takes off on a magic serape ride that, in its day, marked the studios most extensive use of animation blended with live-action!

VHS Supplements

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BVWD For Sale Only Not Intended For Rental Screen BVWD FBI Warning Screen 1a
3 4
Disney Blue Warning (1979) Remake Walt Disney Home Entertainment (1978)

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