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It's about a group of tank engines who live in the Island of Sodor, mainly about the title character, Thomas, and the head of the North Western Railway, Sir Topham Hatt, also known as the Fat Controller.


Character's name Description Seasons appeared in
Thomas A blue tank engine numbered "1". All
Edward A blue mixed-traffic engine numbered "2". All
Henry A green mixed-traffic engine numbered "3". All
Gordon A pompous blue express engine numbered "4". All
James A red mixed-traffic engine numbered "5". All
Percy A small green saddletank numbered "6". Best friend of Thomas. All
Toby A old brown steam tram numbered "7". All
Duck A Great Western pannier tank engine numbered "8". 2-6 (most frequently), 12, 17
Donald and Douglas Twin black Scottish mixed-traffic engines numbered "9" and "10". 2-4, 6-7, 11-12
Bill and Ben Yellow tank engine twins from the Brendam Bay. 2-12
Diesel A black anti-heroic Diesel engine. 2-3, 6-present
Daisy A green female Diesel engine who acts stubborn but not that villainous. 2 and 4
Boco A green male Diesel engine. 2-5
Oliver A Great Western tank engine numbered "11". 3-7, 12
Mavis A black female Diesel engine. 3-present
Bulgy A double decker bus with a bad temper. 3 and 7
Stepney An orange-yellow tank engine from London. 4-7, 12
Skarloey Railway engines Mainly consists of Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam. 4-present
Emily A dark green female Stirling engine. Thomas's love interest. 7-present
Molly A yellow female tender engine. 9-11
Rosie A pink tank engine who appears to be in love with Thomas. 10-16, 21-22
Billy An orange tank engine with buck teeth. 11 (one episode)
Flora A steam tram who works for the Sodor Tramways in Great Waterton. 12 (one episode)
Charlie A purple tank engine who tells jokes. 13-present
Bertie A red bus. All
Harold A white helicopter that patrols the island. 2-present
Diesel 10 The scariest Diesel on Sodor. TV specials
Lady A Victorian-style steam engine who runs the Magic Railroad. Movie (Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
Sir Topham Hatt The manager of the North Western Railway. All

List of episodes and videos

This list will not go past Season 23 due to the show no longer airing on television.

Broadcast history

Channel aired Broadcast run
Only available on VHS/DVD 1990-2004
PBS.png 2004-2017
PBS Kids logo.jpg 2004-2017
PBS Kids Sprout.png
Sprout logo 2013.png
Nick Jr. Logo.png 2017-2019

Episodes of Thomas & Friends presented in high definition (HDTV) format were only seen on the main programming PBS channels. All other channels, especially those affiliated with PBS Kids, were only presented in standard definition (480i/SDTV) format and in a 4:3 pan-and-scan (or possibly, letterbox) aspect ratio.

Old episodes now air on Kabillion.

As of January 1, 2021, only Seasons 16–20 still remain available on digital platforms.