On the 15th anniversary of the Disney Channel, which was on April 18, 1998, another new cable television network was launched on television -- Toon Disney.

Commercials always comprised of stuff that was Disney-related, and became more frequent in September 2000, upon having more than 20 million subscribers to the channel.

Toon Disney was replaced by Disney XD on February 13, 2009.


Toon Disney did not only carry programs originally from the Disney Channel and ABC's One Saturday Morning block, but also some non-Disney syndicated programs as well, such as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1998-2002), Sonic Christmas Blast (1998-2001) and My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas (December 2005).

Of course, we can't ever forget Walt Disney Television Animation's programs. They were the first to air on Toon Disney in 1998, and they comprised of shows like The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Timon & Pumbaa, all of which remained through about 2008, close to when the network became defunct.


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