"What kind of no-good ruffians would break into my castle and steal my treasures?! It's that rotten Captain Syrup and that Black Sugar Gang! I'm looking out for bad guys and scavenging for coins as I track down my treasures. If I don't get them all the first time, that's OK. I can go back again and again until I find them all. Captain Syrup doesn't stand a chance against me!"

Note: This synopsis is narrated by Wario himself.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese ワリオランド2

Release Dates

March 2, 1998 Super Game Boy
October 21, 1998 Game Boy Color (Japanese version)
February 10, 1999 Game Boy Color (U.S. version)
February 25, 1999 Game Boy Color (PAL version)
April 4, 2012 Nintendo eShop (Japan)
July 19, 2012 Nintendo eShop (Europe)
December 20, 2012 Nintendo eShop (USA)


  1. Nintendo Presents...
  2. Title Screen
  3. Raid of the Black Sugar Pirates
  4. Syrup's Gang
  5. Chapter Start
  6. One Noisy Morning
  7. The Giant Faucet
  8. Down in the Cellar
  9. Lair of the Giant Snake
  10. Big Bad Baddie
  11. Hen's Nest
  12. Escape from the Woods
  13. Underwater Tunnels
  14. S.S. Tea Cup
  15. Bobo's Roost
  16. Through the Thorny Maze
  17. Stop That Train!
  18. Up on the Rooftop
  19. Factory Escape
  20. Anyone for B-ball?
  21. King of the Hoops
  22. Storm the Castle!
  23. Syrup Castle
  24. The Underground Train
  25. Sunk at Ocean Bottom
  26. Lost in the Ruins
  27. Submarine Pyramid
  28. Flat Wario
  29. Fat Wario
  30. Fire Wario
  31. Crazy/Drunk Wario
  32. Zombie Wario
  33. Tiny Wario
  34. Bouncy Wario
  35. Back to Normal
  36. Pause Screen
  37. Level Goal!
  38. Clear!
  39. All Clear!
  40. Matching Game
  41. Got Treasure!
  42. Syrup's Gadgets
  43. Victory!
  44. Farewell to Pirates
  45. X Marks the Spot
  46. Perfect!
  47. End Assessment
  48. Treasure Map
  49. Flagman D.D.
  50. Skull Castle
  51. The Journey Home




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